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The Secret

I picked up a copy of The Secret on a discount table this week.  While I found the writing a tad repetative, I have to admit I find some of the concepts worthy of further exploration.

One thing that particularly struck me was the simple statement that it is impossible to have negative thoughts when you are joyous, and impossible to feel joy when you are thinking negatively.  And, as the theory goes, joyous thoughts will bring you more joy from the universe.  So, to that end, I have been concentrating on conjuring up myself some inner joy and holding on to that as I go about life.

So, as I said to a friend yesterday, “‘Joyous’ is my new middle name… it’s not nearly as snazzy as ‘Danger Pants’ or as fun to say as ‘Sasafrass’, but it may serve me better in the long run.”

And, as for the part about asking the universe for what I want and visualizing life with those things, let the universe hereby be notified that I want the following:

  • The Lottery House
  • A Million Dollars
  • And a Green Jellybean (I don’t even like the green ones much, but I want the universe to bring it to me one that’s yummy).

So I set about visualizing all of the things on my list and how joyous I am feeling as the recipient of these wonderful things, and do you know what happened?

I got money in my mailbox!  OK… not money, but news about money.  OK… not news so much as… well… junkmail actually…  But no bills came for two whole days, so that’s a fine start, I think.

And then yesterday, I got a chocolate donut and some Jolly Rancher Gummies sort of out of the blue!  Not a green jellybean, mind you, but the first Gummy out of the bag was green and it was kind of tasty.  So, I think the universe is just building up to it… aligning to deliver the desired bean.  I’m sure it takes a lot of effort to make one of the green ones taste good, so this isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’m just saying.

So, the bottom line is, I’m feeling a lot of joy the last couple of days.  And I’ll keep you all updated on how things are going.

Camp Superhero

I truly have nothing blog-worthy to talk about, but know that a post is long overdue, so I will attempt a top-of-the-head sort of thing.

The children are in day-camp this week. Sculpture camp. How cool does that sound? Thier summer camp experiences this summer are pretty much divided between artsy and fitness. I think adults ought to do that too… Immerse themselves for a week in a topic to learn a new skill or refine their existing skills. I don’t know everything I’d take, but if I could find one I’d want to go to superhero camp (which would be a “new skill” rather than “refined skill” in case you were wondering).

Lately I’ve been mulling over superheros. Really. If I were a superhero, I think I would like a cool yellow suit, with white boots and a cape. Despite the fact that yellow is not my favorite colour, I think I’d have to be a yellow superhero, because as a periwinkle and white caped crusader I doubt I would appear very authoritative. Now the dilemma of the whole superhero concept (beyond holding no superhero powers whatsoever…. a point we won’t be discussing here because I’d learn all that in superhero camp) is that I value my sleep too much to actually work all night. And, since I’m guessing night is prime time for performing superheroish feats, I’m thinking I wouldn’t be much so much of a “super”hero as a “mediocre”-hero. In a cool yellow suit.

So… what about you? What camp would you go to if you were to acquire or refine a skill for a week? And/or what kind of superhero would you be?

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Yet Another Grocery Rant

It seems a fair amount of my rants concern grocery shopping and this is no exception. 

I’ve discussed my aggravation with shoppers who stop in the middle of the aisle (neither left nor right).  I’ve mentioned carts with bad wheels.  I’ve probably even noted the challenges of shopping with young kids.  But do you know who deserves the most wrath in the whole grocery shopping experience????  It’s Little Miss Can’t Count, that’s who.

Now, I’m not talking about the person who tries to sneek in 12 items in the express line.  Been there.  Done that.  No big deal.  I’m talking about the woman with the major jumbo cart, filled to the brim, with probably 150 items, in the express lane.  The 10 items or less lane.  The bag your own items thank you very much lane. 

Don’t bother to look surprised when you hand the clerk your reusable bags and she tells you that you bag your own in Express.  Don’t pretend to just notice the express lane signage at that very moment.  Don’t turn to me, next in line, and give me a pithy “I’m sorry.”  Ya’ know why?  Because I just saw you give the clerk your frequent shopper card!  A frequent shopper card suggests that maybe you’ve been in this particular store before and know exactly which lines are for 10 items or less.  And even if your usual store is another store in this chain, every single one of these stores has the first two aisles as Express.  And what’s more, given that you can afford to buy 150 items at a time I’m guessing you probably have the education to count beyond ten.  So, please know that while I’m waiting for you to have your 150 items rung in, and then waiting for you to get the heck out of my way while you bag your 150 items, I am not thinking kind thoughts about you. 

Do you know what I’d wish they’d have done?  I wish they had only rang in ten items at a time and made you go to the back of the line 15 times.  Perhaps that would not only reinforce your counting skills but help you remember for the next time which line up is Express.  Yes… I really think that would have been in your best interest.  And I’m nice like that.

Sports Shopping

I preface by saying I am not the slightest bit athletic. I am positively delighted my girls have an interest in taekwondo as they can reap the benefits of the exercise, focus and positive personal values it teaches (respect, courtesy, etc).

The girls have a tournament coming up tomorrow and are missing a couple of pieces of equipment. While possible to borrow these from the dojang, I decided it might be a good idea to see if I could pick any of it up locally today.

Interestingly, I am as decidedly uncomfortable entering a sports store as I would be entering a gym. It is a foreign land to me. I am out of my element. Obviously I needed assistance. Unfortunately, the assistance looked to be fresh out of high school and not particularly approachable (although that impression may have been coloured by my own fish-out-of-water complex).

Me: Excuse me, but would you happen to carry any equipment for little girls who take martial arts?

Store Guy: You mean like ballet?


Oh. My. G*d. Ballet? A martial art? Seriously?

I think my complex is cured.

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