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Calendar Observation

Dolittle was making some notes in her calendar last night…

Dolittle:  What does ‘Daytime Savings Time Ends’ mean?

Me:  It means we put the clocks back one hour.

Dolittle:  Why?

Me:  I’m not sure exactly.  It’s so we can be in the dark more, or something like that.

Dolittle:  Oh I remember!  That’s the time of year teachers drink more coffee.


Wordless Wednesday: Faith in Humanity Restored

Perky Problem

Keeping in mind that I can still buy bras in the children’s department, this is not good news…

According to a new Swedish study women who drink coffee “may see their breasts become more petite.” 

More petite?  Dang.  Why couldn’t they publish a study that says it’s a fate to befall women who eat turnip or cauliflower?  That’s the kind of study the world needs more of.

It’s just wrong.

There’s one I forgot to be thankful for

I was outside with the girls this morning and mentioned that I was considering getting bangs again.

Dolittle, who has bangs, was thoughtful for a moment and said, “You know, they can really be a pain.”

“I know,” I remarked, “but I have these deep wrinkles in my forehead, and I think it would help cover that up.”  (You know those ones that go up and down and just get deeper the more stressed you get?)

Rainbow asked me to look at her, I presume to ensure that I did indeed have said wrinkles.  I turned in her direction and did my “serious face” so that she could see I was, in fact, not making this up.

“Well, ” she commented, “with wrinkles like those you’ll probably never have a uni-brow.”

…. Um…. Thank you??


Monday was Thanksgiving day here in Canada.  And it was the perfect day of cooking, eating, and reading all whilst staying in my jammies.  Ahhhhh!  Bliss.

Due consideration in all the cooking, eating, reading and jammie staying was given to that for which I am thankful, some of which follows:

For my family, which are a part of my soul and my reason for being.

For my BFF, without whom I would be totally lost.  She is like a sister to me.

For the August Moms, a group of firends who met on the internet and who freely share their wisdom, joys and sorrows, and have been a part of my life for the past 12 or 13 years.  They held another reunion this year (coinciding with Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend), and I am disappointed for having missed it again.  But I thought about you all, toasted you with my turkey, and lamented missing the adventure and not toasting you with something in a glass instead of on a fork.

For enough work to provide for our needs, for enough food to feed our bellies, and for enough leftovers to keep us turkified for a good while to come.

And that is, of course, just to name but a few.

The week has been a worldwind of busy since Monday’s celebration, but in closing, to my Canadian readers (if I have any), I wish you a belated happy Thanksgiving Day.  And to my readers everywhere, thank you for dropping by from time to time and sharing in my life.  It means a lot to me.  Mwah!

Perhaps it is time to let it go

I have casually mentioned from time to time that I really like office supplies.  I could browse the aisles of the office supply store for hours on end.  Blank notebook…. the perfect pen…. the smell of a fresh box of crayons… beautiful white erasers…. ahhhh… the joy…

And I like the familiarity of the supplies in my workspace.  I like my little purple pens, and my colourful little paper clips.  There is comfort there.

Then a couple of days ago this guy rushes into the office and says to me, “I’m giving a presentation in the next room.  Can I borrow a dry erase marker.  I don’t have that much to write.”  Now that last sentence sticks out in my mind because really, who would say that?  Who would even think I might be concerned about the amount of ink one uses if they borrow a pen?  It wouldn’t occur to me. 

But what did occur to me was that the only dry erase marker I had in my entire pencil cup was my orange skinny one.  I’m very attached to my orange dry erase marker.  It doesn’t stink.  I’ve had it to write “back in 5 minutes” on our old office whiteboard and it survived when even our in/out magnets got stolen.  It survived the move to our new office building.  It was with great hesitation that I admitted that yes, I did indeed have a dry erase marker.

“It’s just a thin one,” I said as I showed it to him.  The vibrant orange cap hinting at my lie when I said, “It probably won’t do at all.”

“It’s perfect,” he said (and it was).  He added, “I’ll bring it back soon.”

Which he didn’t of course.  It’s been two days and the marker has yet to return.  I’m pretty sure the presentation is over.

So I complained to my co-worker.  I whined about my orange marker not being returned.  I lamented the broken promises.

It was then that she pointed out that we haven’t actually had a white board in our office since we moved to the new building three months ago and maybe I should just let it go.

‘Ya think? 

(Sigh).  Maybe she is right. 

Or not.  I went home that night and, still wound up about the entire event, told my girls that someone came into my office and borrowed a marker and never returned it.  Dolittle said, “Hope it wasn’t the orange one.”  (That’s my girl!)


Maybe I should alert the media and let people in the area know there is a lying, pen-thieving lunatic on the loose who is not to be trusted with precious office supplies?  Or put posters on lamp posts with an artist sketch and a number to call if anyone has seen my marker?  I don’t think that’s too over the top… do you?

Wordless Wednesday: Apparently Even The Toys Want Some R&R

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