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Wordless Wednesday – Baby’s Baby


Silver Linings

It was a dark and stormy night…

OK, maybe it was just raining… but it was an hour and a half drive from home, on roads I didn’t know, in a teeny town where I knew not a soul, and it was getting dark.  And the back tire was falling off my car.

Interestingly enough, this was probably the highlight of my last 48 hours.

Yes, it’s been a very bad couple of days for me.  But at this particular moment, in these particular circumstances, some wonderful things happened… a family stopped and tried to flag me down some assistance (eventually driving Rainbow and I back home), Twitter contacts (some of which I have never met in person) tried to find me some help or talk me through my situation, friends offered to text contacts for me.  None of it worked, mind you… and my car is still dead in its tracks at a funeral home (the irony of which was also good for my soul)… but good-hearted people had my back.  And it fills my insides just thinking how not alone I was right at that moment when I could have been very stranded.

I needed that reminder.  I needed to refocus on the great things this life offers up, even when the direction life is taking you is not what you’re envisioning.  I needed the reminder that everything is going to be okay.

And now I need a car with four working tires.

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