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Summer Begins

It is a time of endings and beginnings.

Dolittle has now completed elementary school.  In each of her “graduation” pictures she is a blurr… in part because of my poor photography skills, and in part, I’m sure, as testiment to the tentative eagerness to move on to more grown-up things.  To junior high.  To new friends.  To another phase of youth.

Rainbow finished in tears, grieving the end of a year with a remarkable teacher… the sort of person who was born to teach… unearthing issues and helping Rainbow succeed and thrive.  They walked to me, hand in hand, Rainbow sobbing, Teacher speaking to her softly, letting her know everything would be ok.

And now we breathe.  We relax in the most wonderful time to be in our tiny province.  There will be beach days, and camp days, and days of quiet nothing.  There will be sunshine and rain.  There will be bickering and there will be comradery.  There will be flurries of activity and whines of “I’m bored”.  But whatever summer holds, it begins now. 

Bring. It. On.


Another Monday

It feels like I haven’t blogged in a century. Sorry about that. Between chicken pox, travelling back and forth to my parents, ending up the school year (this week), and day to day stuff, I’ve barely been at the computer outside of work.

So… before I start telling you what I’ve been pondering lately, let me ask you… how was your day last Friday? Were you giddy with excitement and delight?

Here’s why: June 20th is apparently the happiest day of the year — at least according to one British researcher. Now, if his formula holds true… that brighter evenings, childhood memories of summer, and the prospect of summer holidays are key, we are essentially in prime time of life’s annual happy meter right now. That probably makes this the happiest Monday of the year come to think of it.

So… If we move from my earlier post about the laws of attraction, this should also be the perfect time to figure out what brings us joy and what we should be focusing our energy on.

This entire line of thinking stems from a visit the girls and I paid to the lottery house here. (I’ll wait while you stop rolling your eyes). The thing is, when I stood on the stone porch I imagined drinking my coffee there. When I walked through the kitchen, I pictured making meals there. I could see my life fitting right in there as I felt the breeze from the open windows. I felt peace there. And the children did not want to leave it.

Now, the fact that it is going to be a challenge to save up the $140 for a tagged ticket is a mere detail I won’t go into… the greater question is what about that place brought me joy? What about it still makes me smile to imagine it? Because, if I can’t attract that particular house with a winning ticket (and realistically I’m not the luckiest woman on earth when it comes to material things), what elements of it can I concentrate on bringing to my own life? So far in my thinking, it seems to me that what I crave are: light, space, quiet, elements (I was particularly drawn to earth & stone, air and water), storage, and soul soothing colours.

So, dear readers, I have a little homework assignment for you. Take this happy week and think about what it is that brings you joy and what you want to attract more of in your life. Then come back here and tell me about it. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Baby’s First Musical Theatre

I recently mentioned to my BFF that at some point this summer I wanted to take my girls to Anne of Green Gables, the Musical.  While we do live in Prince Edward Island, they haven’t read the books, but this place is so entrenched in Anne they sort of have a sense of who she is.  The musical is extremely well done, has played here for years, and they are of an age where I think they will really enjoy it.

Yesterday I learned that BFF’s daughter, my honorary godchild (I’ve given myself the title), had gotten tickets for us to go to opening night of Anne.  Opening night.  The night where the dressier, girlier, and sparkier you are the better.  It doesn’t get much better than that when your a young girl on an evening out.  The girls were very excited about the prospect.  This afternoon when I get home from work we will commence preparations of nails and hairdoos to ensure we are dressy, girly and sparkly in time.

So, last night when I was having a quiet moment with Rainbow I smiled and said softly, “Are you excited about going to see Anne of Green Gables tommorrow night?”

She looked up at me, smiled back, and replied, “Oh yes, Mommy.  I love it when they pour the water on the witch and she melts.”


Karma, Positivity and all that Fun Stuff

Dolittle has faced a year fraught with being on the brunt end of cruel comments from the class cliques. She is kind hearted, sensitive, lovely, and hence a target of cruelness sometimes. It is, I am sure, a case of adolescent power tripping at the expense of the most vulnerable.

So as we were discussing a particular incidentn I made a comment about karma. She asked me what it was, and I explained that it is the notion that what we put out into the universe eventually comes back to us. If we put badness out there, badness will come back and bite us; similarly, if we put out goodness, then goodness will find its way to us. This is not to say that bad things never happen to good people, for certainly they do, but, I explained, the idea is that purposeful bad or good deeds we perform will have a similar effect on our own lives eventually.

Now, (in a similar vein) this has had me pondering more about my own life and the Laws of Attraction. If, as the theory goes, we attract into our own lives our own thoughts, emotions, fears & desires, what would my current thoughts and emotions be bringing to my own life? Am I consumed with the toxic energy that destroys my confidence, or am I focused on what I truly want in my own life? Do I even know what I want, and do I picture it vividly? Am I asking the universe for what I want? Am I open to receiving it? And am I showing that? Do I consistently have a gratitude attitude and express that thanks?

Whether these principles are real or not, the fact is that positivity and faith are requirements to my own well being.

I can do better. I’m going to work on this.

Circus Lessons

1.  Camels apparently poop a lot.  And often. 

2.  The audience is more likely to be injured by a stranger’s two year old wielding a plastic light saber than by the chance of any animals ever getting loose.

3.  The chance of acquiring the perfect seat is equally proportionate to the chance of an eight foot tall man sitting directly in front of you and obstructing your perfect view.

4.  Apparently if you can wear a skimpy sparkling costume and can walk back and forth across a ring making grandious gestures with your arms, you too can be a circus performer.

5.  No circus day is complete without cotton candy.  The sugar disolving on your tounge is like the ferry dust to the circus magic.

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