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First, I apologize for making a new blog then not posting anything, but I’ve been sooo sick!   And what better way for someone with a week’s worth of cold/flu to spend the weekend but at an outdoor winter festival.  But the kids reallllly wanted to go.  Realllly.  So I sucked it up, put on some thermal, and bought some weekend passes to the Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest (which is held in Charlottetown each February, though we have never gone before).  And I’m really glad I went.  Realllly.

And I have so much to show you from the weekend… if I can ever figure out how to upload pictures in WordPress. 

Bad hair

Earlier this week I got my hair cut.  I’ve gone from one length to layers.  Rainbow advised against it.  She poured over magazines in the hair salon with me and suggested various long cuts.  In the end, I did what I wanted and got it layered, the longest layer being to my shoulders.

 It was not my brightest move.  Left to its own devices, my hair is more poodle-like than the long shining manes of hair magazine models.  While one length, at least it had a bit of weight going for it.  Now, it seems a constant battle.

 Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work, battling again with my new doo, when Rainbow came into my room and said in a tone that meant something very serious was afoot, “Mom, I think we have to have a talk about your hair.”

“OK,” I said, frantically trying to flat iron the waves away.

“I told you so.” She paused for a minute to watch me fight with a section at the front.

“You look like a rock star,” she mused.  Then added… “and that is never good.” (presumably to ensure I was clear that this was in no way a compliment).

I have the feeling it’s going to be a few months of bad hair days. 

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Crystal Ball

Can you think of any occasion when it might be a good sign if your boss says to you: “I presume you’re actively seeking other employment”?

Me neither.

Getting to Know Me

I’ve been tagged on a “Getting to Know You” meme over in the Testosterone Zone. So here’s a teeny bit about me:

  1. Spell my name as it sounds: Sok-Gerl
  2. Am I a worrier? No.
  3. What’s my favorite CD? I don’t think I have one particular favorite at the moment.
  4. Favorite color(s)? White and Periwinkle
  5. Does my home have an attic? Not of the walk up and be useful space variety of attics.
  6. Have I ever been to Canada? I haven’t considered his political statements in any way, but overall Joe says it well…

  7. Have I ever gone fishing? Yes.
  8. Have I ever been on a motorcycle? While it was moving… No.
  9. How much money do I have on me right now? None.
  10. How many cars have I owned? Four.
  11. How many jobs have I had? Many. Often at the same time.
  12. How tall am I? 5′1″-ish
  13. Last person to call me: Dolittle
  14. Last thing I yelled out loud: “What were you thinking????”
  15. Last person I was in a car with: Husband and Rainbow
  16. Last time I ate at McDonald’s: Maybe a month ago.
  17. Last thing I bought: A coffee.
  18. Last person I saw: Husband.
  19. Last time I cried: Last night.
  20. Last time I laughed: Last night.
  21. What is the temperature outside? 0ºC. With freezing rain.
  22. What time of the day did I get married? Late afternoon-Early evening.
  23. What did I do two nights ago? Took the kids to taekwondo, took Rainbow to get her hair cut, took kids to Walmart to find a birthday gift, and cooked.
  24. Whose birthday is coming up next? Rainbow’s birthday is St. Patrick’s day.
  25. What time did I go to bed last night? At 11:00 p.m.
  26. What was the first thing I thought this morning? Dang! “It can’t be time to get up already!”
  27. What are my plans for this weekend? Nothing much.
  28. What do I dislike at this moment? My job.
  29. What did I dream about last night? I dreamed about a blog stalker. Wierd. And they were apparently related to me though I’ve never seen them before in my life.
  30. What’s the last TV show I watched? I have no clue.
  31. What is my favorite piece of jewelry? I typically only wear my wedding rings and a watch, but now my watch band is broken so really just my rings.
  32. Am I a dancer? No. The first dance with Husband at our wedding was our first dance ever. And may be our only… I can’t remember if we danced again that night. He’s not one for dancing.
  33. Have I ever cut my own hair? Yes.
  34. What is my favorite treat? Ice cream.
  35. How many piercings/tattoos do I have? I have pierced ears, but they don’t tolerate earrings well, so I haven’t worn any pierced earrings in more than a decade.
  36. Where’s my favorite place to be? Anywhere with my kids when they’re getting along.
  37. Is there someone I haven’t seen in a while and miss? Family (aunts/uncles/cousins) that don’t live here.
  38. Who was the last text I sent to? I have no clue how to send a text message. I rarely carry our cell phone (you need one for text messages, right?).
  39. Do I care what strangers think about me? Only if I’m trying to convince them to hire me.
  40. Last person I talked to on Instant Messenger: Mel. But that was a really long time ago.
  41. Last person to make me cry: I don’t remember.
  42. Who can I tell anything to? My BFF
  43. What am I doing tomorrow? I might go see my parents.
  44. Do I have alcohol in my home? Yes.
  45. Do I like ketchup? No.
  46. Do I think I will be on a vacation this summer? If by vacation you mean a long weekend.
  47. What color is my master bathroom? Cream
  48. Do I wear a bikini at the beach? It has two pieces but it would be stretch to call it a bikini.
  49. Have I ever been to the Grand Canyon? No.
  50. What is my favorite fruit? Pineapple.
  51. What did I really want to do today? Not work. Anything but work.
  52. Am I always cold? Yes. Particularly my feet.
  53. Does it annoy me when someone says they’ll call or text, but don’t? Yes on the phone; but it probably wouldn’t do them any good to text me.

I tag anyone who wants to play along.

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