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I’m a Pathetic Wisher

I can’t even wish properly. I have been exercising my old wishing muscles, but beyond the more global items like world peace and making help desks actually helpful, I came up with squat. Zero.

The Holiday Wishing Gnome needs to wack me with that wishing stick.


Holiday Wishing Game

Ever played Secret Santa?

Well, there’s a new Secret Santa game afoot… blogging style. Essentially, you post your own holiday wishes, surf around the other wish lists, secretly grant any wishes you’re capable of, and maybe even get a wish of your own granted too..

To play, surf on over to Writing Aspirations and with an email or a comment let Rashenbo know you’re playing along. You can even provide her with your mailing information in case there is something on your list that someone can provide but that needs to be mailed.

Then post your 10 holiday wishes… they can be small [like a new icon, or info on how to get a toolbar back in Blogger (thank you Alto2)], medium (like a new CD), or large (like a new car)… but they have to be stuff that you really want. Tag your post “Secret Santa

Finally, add a button to your sidebar (Rashenbo has one, or I have an alternative below) and a link to your wish list.

Now at first I had a problem with this… because I don’t like to ask for things. I don’t like to need things. And I didn’t want to look like I was begging for stuff… because I wouldn’t. But then I thought… I do like to wish for things. I spend lots of time with my own vivid imagination. And it might be fun to post a list just for the exercise of wishing. We should never stop wishing after all. It is a sign of an optimistic outlook, I think. It would make for a day’s blog post, if nothing else.

So stay tuned for my wishes. I’ll be giving them some thought this evening. I would love to see what my friends might wish for if a holiday wishing gnome were to land in their garden with a magic wand. (For me personally, I’m changing it to a Secret Holiday Wishing Gnome. Not everyone celebrates with Santa, and he only comes to the good kids anyway. ).

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