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On Rudolph

Apparently this year is the first year since 1971 that all of Canada will have a White Christmas (“White” being defined as at least 2 cm of snow by the weather chanel).  And here we sit in Prince Edward Island waiting for more snow Christmas Eve, followed by rain or freezing rain later, probably Christmas.

But this post is not about the weather, per se.  No, this post is about the most famous reindeer of all…

You see, something has always bothered me about the entire Rudolph story.  It didn’t sit well.  It was upsetting, rather than uplifting.  And really, shouldn’t a story about the underdog rising to hero be uplifting to a kid?  But I’ve never actually voiced any objections, probably not having the language to do so, until I sat down and watched it with my girls tonight.

The story starts with a newborn Rudolph, whose father Donner, is not at all pleased that his nose glows.  Enter Santa, Rudolph’s future boss, who solidly declares that he will never pull Santa’s sleigh with a nose like that.  Follow this by attempts by his father to cover up his physical anomaly with some kind of nose squeezing disguise, shunning by most other reindeer, the reindeer coach kicking him out of the reindeer games, and on and on.  It is only by proving some use to the team does the story ever seem to resolve into global acceptance. 

And as I ranted about this out loud to my girls, to ensure that they received the message about how unacceptable this all was, Dolittle looked at me and said, “You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you.”  And of course, she was right.

You see, to me, the most unacceptable part was the initial rejection from Santa, the father, and the coach.  These are characters who should have had unconditional acceptance of Rudolph.   “All of the other reindeer” included those  characters.  They were adults… characters in positions of authority… who acted as bullies to those who were different, instead of role models of appropriate acceptance.  And while I realize this is a legend, to me it is morbid storytelling, and for the life of me I cannot understand how someone would think it would make a marvelous tale that should be sung about for years to come.  And by singing about it, aren’t we saying that bullying is ok as long as eventually everything works out in the end?  Because it really is not ok.  Not ever.

So, because we are expecting more snow tonight, I have no doubt Rudolph will be leading the team again this year.  I will personally leave the dear boy a special carrot because I too have had a boss that was a bully, and I know how much that stinks.  Rudolph,  I hope things are going well for you now.  And that things have really changed for you and for all those who dare to be unique up in the North Pole.

Sock Girl


Stormy Day

Like everywhere else, it seems, it is storming here today.  Howling winds, blowing snow.  Nasty, nasty, nasty.

So, the four of us are all cozy inside.  The laundry is on the go, a roast is in the crock pot, fresh cookies are out of the oven.  We’ve played dominos (both the match the dots kind and the knock ’em down kind), and listened to holiday music.  I’ve also sent off a couple of resumes today.  All this without ever changing out of my jammies. 

And it’s only just after lunch.  I foresee some Christmas movies in our very near future (providing we continue to have power). 

Is it storming where you are?  How are you spending the day?

Wordless Wednesday: Thing You Don’t Know About Me #7 – Today I Got My Yellow Stripe


My Job Is Gone

After more than four years of work in my office, I finally got a name plate and they hung it yesterday morning.

Then in the afternoon HR called.  My contract will not be renewed and my so last day in the office is December 12th.  I will be on a priority call list for temporary work for five years.  I’m thinking “priority call” does not necessarily mean “priority hire”.  And I unless it were longer term temporary work (not vacation leaves, etc.) I don’t know how that is really much comfort.

I haven’t been able to eat.  I’ve barely slept.  My head is pounding.  I feel sick.

My mind is whirling in so many directions that I need to jot down my thoughts  on things to do so as not to forget them.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt like this before.

Rude Can Be Good

I went to the mall on Sunday at about 1:30pm to pick up something that the girls wanted and that I had seen for a good price earlier in the week.  (Sunday shopping is actually legal here from the May long weekend to Christmas, but not January-April).   As I was entering the mall, I noticed a teenager, slim, taller than me, leaning on a cart, and she had a mohawk.  I did notice that the mohawk had highlights, and that she looked unusual because of the hair, but I did not want to appear rude and openly watch her.  Mohawks on teen girls is not very common here, and I did not want to seem like I was gawking, so I kept strolling along, diverting my eyes to other shoppers, other things.

Then much later in the evening (probably around 8:00pm) I opened the newspaper and start reading.  Police are looking for the public’s assistance in locating a 16 year old girl, missing since November 21st.  They gave her physical description… height, hair colour, eye colour…. mohawk.  It could have been her.  Given where I live, it probably was her.  And in my effort to not appear rude, I did not notice details I might have otherwise…  what she was doing… who she was with.  The most I can say, is a female teen with a mohaw was at the mall.  And I wish I had been ruder.

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