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Photo Meme – Part 1

Well, there were only 5 requests in the photo meme, so technically I could have put them all in one post, but for reasons outside my control (ie, it’s too dark to take a picture from my kitchen window at the moment and I haven’t figured out where my favourite place in town is) this will now be a two part post.

LSM wanted to see the one item I’d save in a fire after my family was safe.  I am presuming pets are family because otherwise, the obvious answer would be the dog.  This one took some thought… because I have discovered I don’t really have strong preservation feelings about any of my material possessions.  So, I came up with two practical answers.  One thing which would be extremely useful to save would be this:

My computer helps me feel connected, and has copies of many many photos and documents in it.  It would truly stink to not have those.  But technically, I would no longer have a place to live and plug it in, so really, how important would that be?  So, I came up with something I think is probably even more practical to save…

…the keys.  Because really, if I had the keys to the van, I could get the family (and pets) safely out of Dodge and harm’s way. Also, I should note, that it would even be more pratical if I saved my husband’s keys because his car is newer and in much better shape, but I can’t drive a standard so it really wouldn’t be as useful to me in the big picture.

Now the next photo in the meme is brought to you at the request of Quadelle who wanted to see both my shoe collection and the state of the messiest room in my house.  That presented two problems:  1)  I don’t have a “collection” per-se… I have mostly very worn unimpressive footwear that were scattered in various places (some at work, some hidden away til summer, some I could only find singles to, some my daughter thinks are hers, etc) making the photo a tad more difficult than it seemed; and 2)  I’m really too embarrassed to show you the entire state of my kitchen, which has way too little storage and always looks as if the tazmanian devil has recently breezed through.

So, as a compromise, I present to you the shoes currently kicked off at the door of the messiest room of my house 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my favourite spot in town and the view from my kitchen window.  (And my apologies for the bad photography).


Weekend Update

Once I recharge my camera, I will post my responses to the photo meme.  (I’ve had some great suggestions so far!)


I feel a little like this weekend was just a big bundle of stress.  Yet, thinking back there was no one standout moment or conflict.  Just me, trying to raise good kids with a seemingly endless stream of “no you can’t”s, trying to smooth things over when some adults act like children, trying to just feel like there is some semblance of peace around here.  Some days are like that.  And sometimes you get a string of days like that.  Let’s just wake up to a do-over.  And let’s try to come up with 5 bright spots from the weekend:

  1. I’m still blogging through Nablopomo.  Barely.
  2. I got an unexpected great deal on a Christmas gift for my parents.
  3. I also finally got a new frying pan in a door-crasher special (which may not sound like a huge thing, but if you’ve seen what I’ve been trying to work with for a very long time you would completely understand how exciting that is).
  4. WordPress helped me find Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the Muppets
    (which is so good it should count as more than one on this list)
  5. “Elf” was on tv, so Christmas programming has begun.

So, not earth shattering stuff, but a few positives to focus on.  Now, to put this weekend to bed.  Night, night.

It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

…except for the complete lack of snow

…and unseasonally warm temperatures

…and the lack of any decorations of any kind around here except for the tree.

OK… maybe it’s begining to look a little like Christmas.  But today I went to the local Santa Claus parade with Rainbow so it’s begining to feel a lot like Christmas.  I wanted to take pictures for you, but Dolittle had apparently already “borrowed” my camera.  Apparently accidentally.  So I’ll just have to tell you about it…

I was struck by how, in that one small corner where I sat snuggled in a blanket with my daughter, it felt like hope.  Neighbours huddled together in groups laughing, the collection of letters to Santa, shining smiling faces waved to the crowd calling out to neighbours they knew, and shining smiling faces waved back.  The parade was a collection of things people cared about: firefighters, veterans, churches, sports teams, causes (SADD, Humane Society, etc.).  The dogs dressed up for Christmas, the Santa hats, the ten million times I heard Feliz Navidad (sometimes sung badly, but always sung with heart)… it was a joyful lift.  For that hour or so, I felt connected to my community rather than isolated in my own life meanderings.

Honestly, I originally was not that enthused at the idea of going.  But now, I feel like the season is here.  Santa is in town, people.  He knows if we’re good or bad.  Let the games begin.

Friday Fill-In

Today’s meme is from Friday Fill-In (and if I might say, wow some of those picture meme ideas from yesterday’s post are really making me think!  Stay tuned for those!):


1. Wait! Wait, don’t forget your glasses, your lunch money, and/or your house key… someone around here is always leaving without those!
2. A required blog post followed at once by a blank mind, is becoming far to common an occurence around here!
3. The trouble is Christmas is getting so darn close and I don’t have it planned out very well.
4. My brother is many miles away.
5. With a faint pop my bubble of hope for January work crashed today… but it’s back now.
6. It never feels just right when the sky is shadowy and ominous.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep, tomorrow my plans include work and laundry and Sunday, I want to visit and/or bake!

Still hangin’ in… for now

Ok, if I’m going to make it though to the end of this NaBloPoMo challenge (and oddly enough, I think I would do it again, I just seem to find it harder than usual this year), I’m going to need your help with something…

I propose another photo meme.  I did this before in January 2007 .  You tell me what you’re curious about, and I will post a photo in response. But please don’t judge me on the poor quality of the photos.  Photography is  not my strong suit.


Possibly Done In

I think I may be ready to throw in the NaBloPoMo towel.  How many posts can I actually write that say “I’ve got nothing”?  The lack of substance here is really getting under my skin.  I should have made a plan.  I should have jotted down a few ideas from the start.  I should have considered that my brain needs a day or two to ponder things before posting sometimes.

So maybe I’m done.  It does seem like a shame so close to the end.  But really, if nothing very interesting happens in the next week, whatever will I write about?  Anyone have any brilliant post ideas for the next seven days?

30 days

Christmas Eve is one month to day.

I am officially in a teensy bit of a panic.  Just sayin’.

Could I get my box of time and money early please?

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