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Stuff Happens

Stuff just happens sometimes. You’re just sitting there, minding your own business, and wham… something crazy just happens.

Now, being a few minutes late coming back to work from lunch is not unthinkable in the summer when downtown traffic is significantly increased around here. Summer is a time in Prince Edward Island when visitors outnumber the locals, and it is very easy to forget to include sufficient traffic time in your plans.

So imagine my surprise when on my return from a downtown excursion, not only did I have the increased traffic volume to contend with, but an impromptu parade formed before my very eyes… right in front of my van. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do but sit and wait for a marching band to go by…

Of course this left me with the dilemma of how to explain why I was late when I got back to the office…
Do I just say “I was caught in traffic”?
Or give them the full “I was driving to work and a parade broke out” version?
Would you have believed me without pictures?


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On Becoming Royalty

Rainbow has rediscovered her Halloween costume. It is a white, flowy, twirly princess gown. And she wears it everywhere. Grocery shopping, to the DMV, to get ice cream.

Oh, and despite the delicate princess appearance, it is not made of any fru-fru girly princess fabric. No, this thing is some kind of indestructible bullet-proof fabric. I took a steel wool pot scrubber to it to remove bright red nailpolish splashes (what princess would be caught without her manicure), and that thing looks just as spiffy as when it came from the bargain store – feather boa neckline and all.

Which got me thinking about royalty. And how well suited my diva girl would be for such a career move… and then I noticed this…

Just as I was paying for my ice cream…

See the Queen?…. See those lovely security lines that are supposed to make money harder to counterfeit?… While there is no denying the Queen is not exactly young, it got me wondering how a true diva girl would ever cope with lines and wrinkles purposely being put on her face? More to the point, would it seriously be possible to look at all youthful if your career was such that you eventually ended up on money?

To test this theory, I took the Queen’s wrinkles… umm… I mean security lines… and put them on Jessica Simpson (who is neither a monarch or done anything worthy of being on money, but that wasn’t the point here). And this was the end result…

So, before you all go out and marry some prince or something… you might want to keep in mind how you’d look on your country’s currency. I’m just saying.

And if you still do decide to become royalty… I know just the bargain store for indestructable attire.

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What Not To Eat

You would think that something labelled in capital letters “DO NOT EAT” would be… I dunno… poison?? Or otherwise bad for you in ways that might defy description??

Yet they package these DO NOT EAT things in bottles of medications which are intended to be swallowed…

What’s up with that?

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