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Itty Bitty Steps

Once upon a time there were trains on Prince Edward Island. But at some point that ceased, and the train tracks were ripped up. In its place is the Confederation Trail, a groomed walking /biking trail that spans the Island. The trail runs right past my workplace – a handy thing when you’re in a step challenge and don’t belong to a gym.

We’ve had an ice storm here this week – a nasty slap from Mother Nature that left thousands of rural Islanders without power for days. Communities have rallied around to help those in need, emergency shelters have been in put in place, the military stands ready to assist in clearing the way for electrical workers if required, and now gradually power is being restored.

So, given the icy nature of things, deciding to take a walk on the trail during lunch yesterday was probably not among my brightest of ideas. It had been cleared of snow, and there was a smattering of sand in some places, but for the most part, it was a precarious little stroll. The good news is that walking precariously puts a lot of steps on your pedometer. Little itty baby steps, but steps nonetheless. But I’m wondering….

If you use your lunch break to walk to the store to buy a humungo jumbo Caramilk bar and then consume it on the way back, are you really that far ahead in the fitness scheme of things? (Feel free to lie to me to make me feel better).


Things I’ve learned so far in the step challenge

… Exercise can help sooth the soul when the week has been really stressful. So can chocolate, so it kind of evens out.

… You can work on your feet all day but that doesn’t necessarily mean you get steps on your pedometer — and you’ll still be exhausted even if you don’t get any steps.

… If you attach your pedometer to your underwear because your pants don’t sit at a suitable place for your pedometer to work properly, you need to be really careful when you go to the bathroom.

… Replacement pedometers can be found at the dollar store.

On Your Mark, Get Set…

There is no question it is time I got moving. I have perfected not-exercising to an art. Coincidentally, two things are about to happen…

1. The 8-week office step challenge begins on Monday. Our office is highly competitive, having lost out of winning on the final week in last year’s competition. And for some reason I have been relegated to team nag captain to keep track of everyone’s steps, etc. That in itself is motivation to keep my numbers up even before adding the incentive of kicking the butts of last year’s winners.

2. Almost by magic, the kids dojang is doing a family taekwondo class starting this week as a 10-week trial to see if there is any interest. The kids think I should try this. Now, despite the fact that this seems perfect timing for someone who is about to get more active, it does present a couple of dilemmas if I decide to attempt this….

– First, my children are now a higher belt than I would be. This probably means I will have to kick around the living room when they go to sleep to save face (Husband and Dog are herein forwarned to remove themselves from the area).

– Second, I do not currently own any suitable workout attire. Why would I… I don’t actually work out? I am not paid until the end of the week and the first class is this evening, so buying something isn’t possible. Dolittle has suggested I just wear her clothes and pretend they are capris. I’m not sure about that though.

– Third, I had this dream that I could not, for the life of me, do a Bichagi (45 degree angle kick to midsection). I told the kids that this morning…
Dolittle: I know you can do that, Mom. I’ve seen you do one in slow motion.
Me: I don’t recall that. (…though it does sound like something I would do.)
Dolittle: And you have to remember to yell when you kick.
Me: I don’t think I can do that.
Dolittle: Well I KNOW I’ve heard you yell.

So, it should be an interesting couple of months.
Anyone care to strap on a pedometer and count steps too?

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