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Interview Attire

I was hemming the sleeves on the new dobok this morning and a genius idea came to me… I could wear the dobok to the job interview! Then I could walk in and explain that I was going to get a dobok when I got a job, and as they can plainly see I now have one, so therefore they must give me a job, so could they please show me to my new desk. And I would be memorable (which seems important on American Idol so it might be in job interviews). And also I kick butt. The idea was blinding in its sheer brilliance.

And then I realized I have no idea how to tie my own belt. So basically, rather than looking like a loser and explaining that my eight-year-old ties my belt for me and she is in school, I better go with plan B. A business suit. With a belt that buckles, not ties.

So now I’m going to have to dazzle them with something other than the cosmic alignment of obvious signs and rely on things like skills and such. Drat.


I Hope It’s a Sign

As readers all know, I regularly go to Family Taekwondo Night with my girls.  You might even remember that I got my first belt in December.  (We probably shouldn’t bother to mention that few, if any, ever fail the first test).  I’m still very proud of it.  Wednesday nights really are one of the highlights of my week.

Now, despite having a belt, I have never actually worn it to class as I do not have a dobok (uniform).  So, the belt sits on my dresser, and me and my little yoga pants and baggy t-shirts go to class.  My promise to myself was that when I finally get a job, I will buy myself a dobok.

Tomorrow I have a very important job interview.  An interview that has taken me almost eight months since application and two successful tests to get to.  My fingers are crossed, my wishes are wished, and my prayers continue.

Then tonight, a black belt approached me as the children started their lesson.  And, out of the blue, she offered me her dobok from before she was a black belt (black belts wear uniforms with black collars).  I almost cried at her kindness.  This garment, which she used for years to train for her current rank was freely passed on to me, on the eve of my interview (an interview that I could use a bit more confidence for).

While there may be no connection between the two events, I’m going to sleep tonight feeling very blessed.  Because, really, I am.

Wordless Wednesday: 30 minutes to build; 30 seconds for the dog to pee on


A Weekend of Flying Feet


Well, as it turns out, a calculation error had the team originally qualified for the provincial gymnastics meet wrong, and Rainbow actually did make the team.  This meant that Saturday started with a 45 minute drive to a gymnastics tournament and a stressful morning of wondering if she would get to perform before we had to make the 45 minute drive back to make her green belt test in Taekwondo.  It turns out that a plea for an earlier performance made it possible, though we do not know her scores yet.  

I find this tournament particularly disheartening as those children who have only taken gymnastics for the last seven weeks in school (like Rainbow) are competing directly with those that train at the gymnastics academy all year.  Not exactly an even playing field.  I sort of wish there were two divisions or some sort of achievement system like martial arts belts where similarly skilled compete with similarly skilled.  Nonetheless, making it to that tournament was a huge accomplishment for her.

And we did make it back to Charlottetown for the girls to test for (and earn) their green belts in taekwondo.  Their first dark belt.  I marvel at how much they have learned in the last year and a half.


I have a nasty cold.  The down-in-the-chest-and-left-with-no-voice variety of cold.  Finally, a couple of hours ago, I got completely fed up with the chest pain/sore throat and just stopped attempting to croak out words anymore.  I also discovered (thanks to my daughter’s suggestion), that even if you have no voice you can still whisper if you do need to say something.

And an interesting thing happened.

People stopped talking loudly to me too.  While nothing is wrong with my hearing, I noticed that Dolittle indicated with gestures rather than words that it was snowing outside.  Rainbow whispered her request for chocolate milk.  Husband told me he thought he might go out in hushed tones.  My voice is gone so the whole house has gotten peaceful.

Hmmm… You don’t suppose I’m the cause of all the noise in the first place, do you?

Unsent Letters

Dear Interview Panel From Earlier This Week:

If an interview begins with the panel saying, “We don’t think you’re a good match for this position because you have too much experience,” then maybe the candidate should not have been invited to discuss that particular opportunity.  Please feel free to make it up to the candidate with an offer of a better opportunity.


Dear References For the Job I Really Really Want:

If they call, feel free to use phrases such as “walks on water.”   🙂


Dear Dolittle, Who Attended Her First Dance This Week:

(Sniff)  No matter how much you’re growing up before my eyes, you will always be my baby girl.  I love you.


Dear Rainbow, Who Got Her Heart Broken When She Didn’t Make the Team This Week:

I know it doesn’t make you feel any better to know how very proud I am that you tried.  But I really am.  I know how it hurts to try so hard and it still not be enough.  I know life is not fair sometimes.  If I could carry the hurt for you, I would.  I love you, Sweetie.


Dear Husband, Who Got Me a Very Expensive Valentine’s Present But Was Forced Convinced To Return It:

I really do appreciate the thought.  Really.  But I appreciate that you took it back even more.

An Update

sock-bulletNumber of weeks unemployed:  8

sock-bulletNumber of resumes sent out in that time:  oodles

sock-bulletNumber of interviews achieved in that 8 week timeframe:  Zero. Nada. Zilch.

sock-bulletNumber of interviews just scored for coming 2 weeks:  2

sock-bulletNumber of those two jobs I actually recall applying for:  1

sock-bulletChances of doing well in an interview when I can’t recall anything about the position:  Probably slim

sock-bulletNumber of tests passed to get to the interview stage of the other position:  2

sock-bulletChances of doing well in an interview for the other position which I really really really really want:  Probably slim too… but please keep your fingers crossed!

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