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Last week the universe decided to take my request to start showing me positive work results and go pfffft in my face.  And I didn’t blog because I don’t particularly like to whine about life being pfffft.  But it was.  Oddly, I’m actually looking forward to it being Monday as it is sort of representative of a fresh start… a do-over.

So shaking off the gloominess that was last week, I have decided to begin my work week with a post, both to let you know I’m still around, and to say pffft right back to the universe.

Pffft.  So there. 

You really have to wonder why I keep failing job interviews when I’m so darned mature.  One of life’s little mysteries I guess.


Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

This is my 400th post.  And it strikes me that I’m still whining about the same things I was from the beginning, more or less.  I believe it’s time you cut me a break.  Anytime now if you want to bring the wonderful new job, home ownership, and some good news, I’d just like you to know I’m ready.  World peace would be nice too.

Sock Girl  ♥

You’ve Got Voice Mail. Or Not.

This evening Rainbow was sitting next to her father and the phone rang. She answered it and it was for me. I was soaking in the tub at the time and was completely oblivious to the fact that I was being called. Apparently she called me several times. Finally, she picked up the receiver and said:

“Mommy can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message at the sound of the beep. Beeeeep.” And then she hung up.

While that isn’t exactly how the old voice mail thing works, I do sort of like the idea. I’d like to try that at work sometime….

“Good morning.  This is Sock Girl.  I really have no interest in what you are saying to me, so please say everything you would otherwise force me pretend to listen to at the sound of the beep.  Beeeeep.”  And click.  I can honestly see the usefulness of this. 

But to whoever called tonight, if you have wonderful news about a fabulous new job offer, or a long lost fortune that belongs to me, or some happy information of some sort, please call back. If however you are calling to give me bad tidings, tick me off, or discuss something that will cost me money, kindly leave the details at the aforementioned beep.


So yesterday, I was walking in to work, and there were security people giving tickets, and there were construction people working on walkways, and there were two other guys painting a parking lot.  In all it was a hub of activity from a fall spruce-up point of view.

So, I carry along my merry way to work, lunch and coffee in hand, and I’m halfway to the building when I think to myself, Self… did that sign really just say what you thought it did?  You should go back and take a closer look.

Sure enough…

Looks like the driveway painter, presumably Tom, has his very own personalized work signs.  And really, why not… Lots of people have name plates on their offices… why shouldn’t Tom?  The parking lot, for that moment in time, was his office per se.  And why don’t lots of other workers have personalized signs… construction flaggers could hold signs that say not only STOP, but “Please don’t run over Joe.” 

And maybe, as I’ve been such a horrible blogger this summer, a personalized sign might be just what I need too… to snag a little more computer time…

Couldn’t hurt.

September Countdown

0 Days until Family Taekwondo class starts again.

4 School Days = Apparent life expectancy of a new backpack.

5 Days until Angel would have been 10.

10 Days until Brisingr.

12 Days until someone wins the lottery house.

20 Days left in my current employment contract.

51 Days until Nablopomo and Nanowrimo.

106 Days until Christmas.

Breakfast of Champions

I have been a bad, bad blogger this summer, and I really need to rectify that.  It seems that work and various other activities have sort of consumed me and I feel a little bit like I’ve lost myself in it all.  It is as if I’m going so fast that I’m not noticing the silliness around me, when I know from experience life is either laughing with me or at me at any given moment.

Last night, for example, I found a bottle of wine in my kitchen that I completely forgot I had.  Whoohoo! was my first reaction.  Treats for me!  …But then I realized I was too darned tired to drink a glass of wine, so I thought to myself I’ll just have to have it for breakfast then!  Of course, I knew in my heart I would never have wine for breakfast on a work day (or any other day), despite the fact that it would possibly improve the day ahead or at least my mood about it.  But the troubling part was that although my new busier mind knew wine for breakfast was a joke, I really had no idea why I found it funny.  My new super-busier mind went right to the work tommorrow part, where as my old regular-busy mind would have spun around grape juice, the word “whine”, and probably at least 12 completely unrealted things until it got to something that it was really amused by.  Clearly I need to slow down a pace.  Or maybe have a drink. 

And to that end, I am going out to dinner with my BFF tonight.  I can not wait.  Is it 5:00 yet?

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