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Considering Resolutions

One perpetual resolution of mine — at New Year’s and pretty much any time — is to get more organized. Above is a perfect example of how my reality typically turns out… important reminders get written on a sticky note and then stuck to my computer monitor where I will be sure to see them, remember them, and act on them. Regrettably, I get so used to seeing the stickies that I no longer notice them.

With the new year waiting in the wings, this is the time that I’m naturally thinking about the year that is passing and how I’d like to improve and change in the year to come. I’m not entirely convinced that resolutions are the best approach, as much as a more perpetual drive to improve oneself and one’s lot in life. … But help me out here… Have you ever “resolved” something at New Years and had it work for you? What was it and what did you do to make it work for you? Do you have traditions for New Years that are meant to inspire a prosperous New Year?

I’d love to hear from you on this!


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Frumpy Clues

You know you’re frumpy when your kid is making paper dolls of the family and she won’t even dress your doll in the outfit you pick out…

“I just can’t let you wear that Mom… I just can’t!”

(Sigh). At least she dressed me in purple.

Boxing Day 2006

The day started with me waking at 5am in pain and realizing that I needed to go to the hospital because no clinic would be open today. Turns out I am indeed ill and on antibiotics.

Then we pack up to go to my parents for Boxing Day festivities. Then my mother goes to the hospital for something completely different. Turns out she is indeed ill and on antibiotics.

Then my kids took some kind of wierd twister on which beds they would and would not sleep on for the big pajama party at my parents’ place, and I ended up driving back home on sloppy roads after hugging my brother for what may be the last time before he goes to Afganistan.

This Christmas business… it is not for the faint of heart.

Christmas 2006

My darlings awoke at 3:08 AM to begin the excitement. 3-freaking-o’clock-a.m.!

But excitement there was! Santa apparently rocks.

Ten thousand little bits of wrapping paper & packaging, 27 reindeer carrots, 2 turkey dinners, and one tired household later, Christmas day is nearly done for another year. Perhaps I’ll write more when I am more awake. In the meantime, I would just like to wish each and every blog reader and friend a wonderful joyous holiday, no matter which you celebrate. I love you all.

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