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Independence Emerges

There is a time when a child’s life where they naturally try to individualize themself and separate from the parents. I can see the beginning of this happening now.

We hold hands walking toward camp, until, with entrance in sight, her hand disengages mine. “Bye Mom!” she waves, and runs ahead leaving me to pause for a moment, still in the firm grasp of my youngest, marveling at this new development. My first born is teetering on the age of independence.

And then she changed her hairstyle (which I love) — which we all do from time to time — but it was done with such a confidence. “THIS is what I want,” was asserted. And it suited her.

In many ways, though, childhood still lingers. She is still happiest among Webkinz, a believer in myths and legends, and ready with a bedtime snuggle. But the first indications of independence, themselves like tentative baby steps, are emerging.

I am a little surprised not to feel saddened by it. While I will savour the snuggles, I know that what I am watching is emotional growth. And I will do my best to foster her growth positively.


School Shopping

Tonight the girls and I did some back to school shopping. Armed with the school lists, we headed of to the store to load up with the required items.

Then I read the list. Here are just a few of the 17 items on Dolittle’s:

  • 30 pencils
  • 100 sheets of looseleaf
  • 12 duotang covers
  • 28 Hilroy scribblers
  • 3 boxes of kleenex

… with the instructions to bring all the listed supplies on the first day of school.

OK… let’s do a little math here, shall we?

If, let’s say, there are 20 kids in the class, then approximately 600 pencils will come into that classroom on the first day of school. Six. Hundred.

Let’s do more math… if there are 12 duotang covers and only 100 sheets of looseleaf, then each will contain less then 10 pages. That’s not a lot of paper for 600 pencils to fill. Of course there are the 28 scribblers, besides.

And 3 boxes of kleenex. On the first day. Those 20 kids would generate 60 boxes. Sixty! I can’t imagine where the teacher would store them all, let alone how they would fit in the backpack with the other 16 required items.

So, bad mommy that I am, and given that I have no wagon with which to send my kids with all those things (for however would they carry it all), my kids are going to show up on the first day of school with the quanitites I think they need. They’ll have some pencils, and some scribblers, and a little bit of each of the 17 things. And I will replenish what they need as the school year wanes on.

I really have no idea how large families manage.

Doggie Doo

This morning started like a Monday.

The girls were making fairly decent time (it’s funny how much more efficient they are at getting ready in the mornings for art camp compared to school). We were walking out to the van and I noticed the dog had done his business right in the path of where we were walking. It is Dolittle’s job to clean up his doo (as it is her dog), but as this was obviously… um… fresh… and we were making good time, I dutifully elected to clean it up myself. I took the yard shovel, scooped the poop, and went back inside to wash my hands. Done.

So I loaded the girls in the van and took the long way to camp. You see the long way allows me to access the perfect parking spot. The spot is perfect because the car now faces the right direction to get to work, and it is located far enough back from the lights that I can get in the turn lane, but close enough to the studio that we don’t have to walk far. And it is only a couple of blocks out of my way to go that route.

I pull into the above noted perfect spot, turn off the ignition, open my door, and immediately step into some other dog’s poo. That, my friends, is just wrong.

So now my flip-flop is gooey on the bottom. And I shuffle on the road. And I shuffle on the grass. And I shuffle up the walkway. And I look around frantically for a puddle. Then there it is. The art studio had obviously rinsed something and dumped the water outside (as no other puddles existed), and I happily stepped in the puddle. And I shuffled in the puddle. With my flip-flop now as clean as I can get them without using something other than just my feet, I bring the kids inside and exit, dragging my feet all the way back to van.

I’m late for a meeting. I wonder if I got enough off or if my feet will give off any kind of aroma in the room of strangers. No time left to go back and change shoes.

As I’m stopped at a lights I notice an old man on the corner. He is shuffling. I wonder if he stepped in doo too.

Then I notice the headphones. And the hand movement. The old guy is dancing. Right there on the street corner. He was dancing, bless his heart. Badly. But dancing.

What are the chances anyone who saw me earlier would think the same thing???

Protected: Zoo Weekend

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Momentary Glory

We had a great weekend, and I’ll post some details of our zoo journey later.

Last night Rainbow was in the bathtub leisurely soaking and pondering questions like how many cups of water one would have to scoop to empty the tub. I passed her a bottle of moisturizing body wash and suggested she may like to try this product to wash up.

“It would be great for my skin” she said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Because YOU would never give me anything bad for my skin,” came the answer. “You are a good mommy. You may even be the best mommy in the world.” (There was a brief pause). “Yes! You ARE the best mommy in the world, I think.”

This is only funny because in about one hour I will have to try and wake my children to begin another Monday. And I have the sneaking suspicion I’ll suddenly be demoted to “Meanest Mommy in the World.” I’m just basking in the accolades while I have them.

Hello again

I apologize for my brief absence. I would like to say that I haven’t posted because I was up to my eyeballs in something fun and creative. I would like to say that I haven’t posted because I’ve been on some tropical beach sipping umbrella drinks. I would like to say that I have been doing any number of fun things. But I can’t. Frankly life has offered a few things to whine about lately, and as I do hate to be a whiner I simply haven’t posted. I’ve wallowed briefly and now I’m snapping out of it.

Today is a brand new day. And tommorrow is a holiday here in Charlottetown so today is also the end of a week that felt like a millennium. I plan to take the family on a little off-Island field trip to the zoo tommorrow. Time to tug on the threadbare bootstraps, shake off the glums, slap a smile on my face, and bring on the happy. Onward!

Dear Co-Worker Who Went On Holidays & Left Me In Care Of Your Plants

I am so sorry. If they look this bad after one week, I can’t imagine how they will look when you return.

I think this takes farming off the list of my career possibilities.

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