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Life in a Bag – Response

So I had previously challenged readers to find five objects that would represent your life/who you are.  I have to admit, this was WAY tougher than I thought.  This post has been sitting in my draft file for about 3 weeks as I tried to think of #5.  Yes, I am that lame.  I am unable to post anything until I respond to my own challenge.  Here, for what it is worth, are my own five objects (in no particular order):

1.  A Compass – because I am still trying to find my way.

2.  A Keyboard – because it is an object involved in so much of what I do, and have done, and is one means that keeps me connected to people important to me.

3.  A Fudgee-O – because if you are what you eat….

4.  A Pen – to represent the value I place on creativity.

and 5. Fake Nose/Glasses – As a reminder to never take myself too seriously.


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