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I need to apologize to readers, or at the very least to any readers that remain after such a long silence here.

But I don’t like to blog negativity. I don’t really see how readers will want to share in my pity party. And essentially, that is what I am busying myself with.

Each day I wake up thinking “this day will be better.” And then a dental crisis, or a financial crisis, or a self esteem crisis, or a parenting crisis, or a crisis I never even thought about before just reinforce the wallowing. My heart knows things will get better. My brain just wants to sit in the corner and eat cookies.

Soon, I hope to have something more interesting to say besides, “Are there any more treats?”


A Few Things I Don’t Hear Nearly Enough (or Possibly Ever) From My Kids

sock-bullet“Just relax, and let me do that for you!”

sock-bullet“I’ll just get that with my own money!”

sock-bullet“These vegetables are just what I was craving!”

sock-bullet“I think I’d like to study now.”

sock-bullet“Would you like to use your computer now?”

sock-bullet“I’m not at all bored.”

sock-bullet“There is absolutely nothing I need that I don’t already have.”

sock-bullet“I love what you’re wearing, Mom!”

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