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Not so Wordless Wednesday: birth control

I was going to do a “Wordless Wednesday,” but this post actually needs a few words.

I was logging out of my email, and found this over at msn...

No big deal, right?  Except maybe that it is a guy taking the pill…. and the pill they used in the picture is actually stool softner.

Exhibit A – Docusate Sodium

I have no words.  Maybe this is Wordless Wednesday after all.


It’s a matter of perspective really

So, I have good news, and I have bad news…

The bad news is that my temporary job has just three weeks left.  Three weeks.  I have had the great privledge of working in this largely cohesive office with a mandate to assist a population I care deeply about.  My heart is full of both gratitude and deep sadness that my time is coming to a close.

And the good news is that Dairy Queen still has buy one Blizzards, get another for a quarter, so really, how bad can life be?  Just sayin’.

Great Plans

A four day weekend just past,and I had great plans for the opportunity to spend that time. Great plans. I was going to get reacquainted with my blog friends, perhaps put up a post or two. I was going to tidy my house, tidy the yard, and tackle the mountain of laundry. I was going to oversee the building of a popsicle stick bridge. I was going to do some work from home. I was going to exercise. And eat Easter candy.

I did manage to accomplish the last one.

I also managed to come to the conclusion that perhaps I am pulled in too many directions to do anything with any degree of thoroughness any more. I, the able task juggler, am beginning to see some balls precariously close to falling. I need more hands. I need more time. I need more Easter candy.


During a taekwondo class last week, the instructor was a young black belt who sometimes takes his warm up content from his experience in basic training. You can fully expect to be breaking a sweat when he is the one leading the students through their initial paces. This particular evening, however, his logic was thus: “at some point you may have to fight exhausted… so we’re going to practice that.” So, warm-up was followed by tiring us out with LOTS of laps, push ups and sit ups. Then you had to fight for 2 minutes and then do more laps. Then he taught a technique, you practised it, fought for two minutes, and ran more laps. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It hurt to move for days afterward.

So now I am waiting for someone to come up with a new plan: “at some point you may win a lottery and live a life of leisure…. so we’re going to practice that.” Sign me up for that one.

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