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Ten Things

I have been thinking about this blog a bit lately.  I regret leaving it so long, but needed a wee bit of recovery time from all life’s changes. The last year has not been without its challenges, and some of those were best met privately.

But today, friends, brought a different kind of ugly.  Rampant job cuts within the work place.  Everything about the day felt veiled in the fear of change, sadness for those impacted, and uncertainty for the future.

So, in an effort to end the day feeling somewhat less heavy, here is a list of ten things I have decided would make positive things to focus on:

Ten Positive Things To Focus On Today

10.   My kid is not a werewolf.  Probably.

9.  There may be holes in my fence, but by dog is too fat to escape through them.

8.  Someone, at some point, had the good sense to invent ice cream.

7.  I own a rock star wig, and I have worn it in public.

6.  The world has artists, dancers, writers and a myriad of other creators.  Including animals.

5.  I did not have to deliver bad news today.  Unless you count telling the kids the pizza for supper was from frozen… then skip this one.

4.  I did not have to shovel today.

3.  My dog is certifiably insane, possibly drunk, easily amused.

2.  At the end of the day there are jammies.

1.  It is the end of the day.


What positive things can you focus on today?


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