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Tales of Spinning and Spinning Tales

Am I spinning too fast?  I’m spinning, there is no question… every waking moment seems to be filled with some activity, or crisis aversion, or preparation to avoid future crisis.  I am the preparer of sustenance, nagger of homework, social and sporting chauffeur, labourer of laundry, shepherd of hygiene, soother of booboos, purveyor of discipline, finder of lost things, unclogger/unplugger/untangler/unwhateverer… Apparently what I am not these days is a reader of books and writer of blogs.  There has been no time.

I need that time.

This thinking is, of course, exasperated by the fact that November looms, and with it the two Nano challenges…

First, NaBloPoMo… National Blog Posting Month…. A post a day for thirty days.  I have tried this for the last few Novembers, and some years actually managed to pull it off.  Can’t say the content was top notch, but it was there.

The other is NaNoWriMo… National Novel Writing Month… A 50,000 word novel in 30 days… I have tried this twice, and failed dismally both times.  Each year I think I’ll have a larger plan for my characters before November 1st, and each year I enter with no clue where the story eventually goes, and invariably where it goes is down the tubes.  This year, however, a character from a kid’s (unpublished and rarely submitted) story I wrote when my own children were little has been popping into my head advising me that his tale is much much bigger than I originally told it.  Dare I go down the road again?  And how do I do all this with all the life spinning going on?

Perhaps I will spin myself silly.

So my dear blog friends, what do you think of these crazy notions.  Am I just so punchy from tiredness that I am actually considering these?  And would any of you jump into these spinny games with me?


Protected: How Not To Make Bunny Ears

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Things That Don’t Suck: Seasonal Treats

It has been a while since I’ve done “Things That Don’t Suck Thursday”, so I thought it might be time to celebrate something.  It’s fall and it’s harvest time.  While I am not a fan of the increasing cold and damp weather, I absolutely love that the colours change, and with it come seasonal changes on market shelves.

Now, I really want to like pumpkin pie.  I love the look of it.  I want to bite into it and have my mouth do a happy dance.  But in truth I am always, always disappointed.  And for this reason I was under the assumption that I therefore did not like pumpkin. I have avoided all things pumpkin as a result.  Would I want to spend $5 on a spiced pumpkin latte treat, for example, only be disappointed, when I know the regular every day coffee would do the same trick?  Probably not.  Recently, however, a co-worker brought in pumpkin muffins as a treat and they were quite yummy.  I am now wondering if maybe there is something else in pumpkin pie that my tastebuds find disagreeable and perhaps the culinary experimentation should commence.

There is, however, a treat that comes out this time of year that I know will never disappoint….  Something that says, “this is fall so maybe your mouth should throw a party.”  …  Something that my brain turns to at the first sign of fall leaves…


Candy corn…..  Mmmmmmm…. If candy corn were really a vegetable it would actually be possible for me to be a vegetarian, at least for October.

So, tell me… is there a seasonal treat you look forward to in fall?  Do you make it yourself or is it something you buy? Does it have any ritual behind it (harvest it yourself, hide it from your kids, eat it in a special way)?  I would love to hear about it.  What will you celebrate today?

Yet Another Award is Likely

Well, it seems the Office Gnome (which was won for contribution to the internal office wiki) is not the only award I’ve likely won lately.  I am on a roll, my friends.  I believe I may well be in contention for yet another honour… that of Meanest Mommy in the Whole Wide World.

Let’s list a few of my fine contributions to this achievement, shall we:

  • I have roused my children from their sleep,
  • Then made them go to school,
  • I have even made them complete homework,
  • I have refused to let them eat in their rooms,
  • I have refused to let them sleep over at homes with little regard for rules,
  • I have made them brush their teeth,
  • I have refused treats before healthy food,

I could go on for days.  I will understand if you too are shocked by my behaviour.

Twice this week I even used the words “because I said so.”

I am exhausted.

It truly is tiring when you feel like you are saying “no” all the time.  I think I say “no” now more than when the girls were toddlers.  Just for once I would like to hear, “Yes, darling Mother, I will do that without question at the earliest possible moment.”

So, two awards in as many weeks…. I’m on a roll.  I think maybe I should run out and buy a lottery ticket.

Wordless Wednesday: Winning Office Gnome of the Week is kind of like winning an academy award except without the fame and fortune


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