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I’m a Fan

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a fan of dance television. While I don’t discuss television much here, per se, I have put that little fact in my 101 Things About Me page. The fact is, most everyone in our entire house likes dance television (or will at least watch it with me), with our favorite being So You Think You Can Dance.

I was reading the local paper on-line yesterday and notice a little story about a local dance studio that held a workshop on the topic of Broadway dance in Stratford last weekend. Travis Wall was one of the instructors. Travis. Wall. Travis Wall of So You Think You Can Dance. Travis Wall who was probably my favorite contestant ever, followed very closely by brother Danny the following year. Dolittle would also be excited to learn this fact. She can’t hear the name without saying “He should have won, you know.”

So as we were driving to watch some black belt testing last night (which was awesome by the way) I said to the girls, “Guess who was teaching a Broadway dance class on PEI last weekend?”

“Ellen Degeneres” guessed Rainbow.

“Nope. But that would have been exciting.”

“Travis Wall” guessed Dolittle

“Yes! How cool is that? He came to PEI!”

“Wow!” was the concensus. (As well as “He should have won!”)

“So what would you do if you actually had seen Travis, Mom?” Dolittle asked.

I had to think about that for a second. “Squeel like a teenager.” I replied. And I really think I would have. I’m really that lame.

So…. for those of you unfamiliar with the show, here is a clip of the particular moment I became a Travis fan.

(Sniff). I love a kid who loves his mama.


Cat on a Wet Wood Deck

At some point on the weekend a cat showed up on our deck.  It was cute, friendly, and (we guessed) in all likelihood belonged to a neighbour and would venture off on its way home again. 

It hasn’t.

Each morning kitty can be found crying at our door to get in as if it lived here.  It is making me crazy.

Yesterday, when I let the dog out to do his business, I watched from the door as the cat tried to prevent the dog from coming back on the deck to get back in.  He would go to the steps and she would jump over, back arched, and hiss.  He would go to the other entrance and she would run over and do the same thing. How forward is that?  The dog actually does live here. Finally, in frustration and probably to my neighbours great amusement, I ran outside in my scruffy sleep clothes, yelling “Shoo, Shoo, Get, Get” and doing my own interpretation of a cat hiss with a throaty “Kkkkkkkkkk” complete with fingers curled in a menacing manner.  I continued doing this, chasing the cat out of the yard, knowing full well it would be back eventually.  And it was.

Can you imagine being like that cat in real life?  …Just deciding, hey I want to live there, or work there, or do that, and planting yourself at the door like its your G*d given right.  What if, for example, I were to walk into a Human Resources department of some fabulous employer and say, “I’ve decided to work here, and I’ve come to do the paperwork,” and then chase some other employee out of the office with a hiss and a snarl.  Would that work? 

Yeah, It’s not working for Cat either.

American Idol Hmmm

So, while “song choice” is apparently key, it seems to me that a lot of contestants this year almost got the judges blessing to sing the phone book.  And it bugged me to no end.  I know it’s over for this season, but what do you think the judges would do if a contestant really did come out and sing it?  Would they finally stop overusing the statement???

Of course, it would have to be the phone book of a very small place or they’d never remember the lyrics, but maybe when they were done Randy could be all, “Listen up! Listen up! Yo, Dawg, you could even sing a real song!”

And Paula could agree with everything Randy said and add something confusing and fit for media speculation like, “Oh you look great tonight, and I could just pop you in the toaster and eat you for breakfast!”

Then Simon could say “Now I don’t want to be rude, but you sang that like bad karaoke at a wedding where even the bride was ugly.”

Just a thought. 

And is it a sign that I’m going to be having a rather confused day if I woke up actually thinking about this stuff rather than what I need to be doing today?

Wordless Wednesday: Sounds Painful

The One That’s The Opposite Of Wordless Wednesday

I have recently been tagged by The Glass Jar and Boogie Mom to do a meme that was somewhat biographical or of an “about me” type (as meme’s often are), but I have recently been thinking of doing a “100 Things About Me” post and that ended up pretty much covering both.  And then some.  In fact, it took me days and I ended up with 101.

I’d have said that made me an over achiever but that wouldn’t necessarily be true and would have made it 102.

So, if you’re up for it, feel free to learn more about me than you ever really wanted to or needed to by clicking the “About” page above.


Taking an idea from The Glass Jar, our project yesterday was Gingerbread Moms…

I love a day with a good project!  Rainbow and Dolittle were very concerned with making this the most special day ever for me, and they also provided me with lots of homemade treasures and snuggles.

To my fellow mom-readers, Happy Mothers’ Day.  I hope yesterday was special.

Another Marketing Idea

Now that we have established that I am so totally in the six degrees game thanks to Andrea, the commenter, being on Oprah’s Sandwich Showdown yesterday, I have to admit that Oprah is not my talk show of choice. I am a fan of Ellen Degeneres. It is my desire to one day get on Ellen’s show by doing some great humanitarian act or submitting a picture of myself & my pet with matching bad hair doos. Either one.

But until either one of those things happens, I am content to watch her show whenever Husband remembers to tape it for me. Which he actually does. Sometimes.

It would seem now that apparently my children also prefer Ellen (though I don’t know that they’d even know who Oprah was). Imagine my surprise to discover that a Barbie, with long flowing golden hair, had recently been turned into “The Ellen Degeneres Action Figure.” And I’m not even making that up.

Add a red cape and maybe some hair product to that baby, and I’m sure she wouldn’t look quite so scarey… although maybe scarey is a good look for an action figure.

So, my message to Ellen (not that she reads this) is that there may be a whole new product market here to go with the underwear and the pet food. Action figures. Maybe action figures that wear nice underwear and save the pets of the world. And if they can make a good sandwich all the better.

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