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Things That Don’t Suck: Indulgence

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had set yesterday aside for a TTDS post on indulgence. My grand plan at the time was that I would actually spend the first part of the week sampling a variety of treats with the goal of finding something wonderful to tell you about – you know, in the interest of thorough research. I’m nice like that.

And then Thursday arrived and I realized I hadn’t actually had a treat that week. No icey umbrella beverage, no decadent chocolate wonderfulness, no fancy lotion or potion or polish to sigh over. If I may be quite honest I don’t think I even got to watch an entire television program uninterrupted.

How did that happen? And is it happening to you?

I have discovered that I am spending my time completely consumed with day to day life, moving from crisis to crisis, from task to task, from detail to detail. The ultimate indulgence for me would probably be 15 minutes of solitude, quiet and reflection. (Which is not to say one can’t quietly reflect with an umbrella beverage or decadent chocolate wonderfulness, but baby steps here, people… baby steps).

So, my mission now is to carve out that time for myself… to take some private moments each day most days as often as possible to refill my spirit.

How do you refill your spirit? Is there an indulgence that makes your soul say ahhhh! What will you celebrate today?


Things that don’t suck or maybe do, but it’s not Thursday so I’ll just let you decide

There was no post for “Things That Don’t Suck Thursday”, not that I intend to do one every day, but I thought the first month I’d manage it (having already planned some general themes).  It turns out I needed to ponder my things that don’t suck I was going to post this week, as it is a tad more complex than I originally envisioned.

As a bit of backstory, there was a point in my life many years ago when I watch ER regularly (earlier in the series).  Then in one episode (and the details are foggy, long since purged by a brain in survival mode) either the patient mother or her newborn infant died.  As a mother, with children both living and not, it cut to the quick, and I found myself sitting on the floor, hugging my knees, weeping long after the show had ended.  That was not entertainment to me.  It was as if I had been sucker punched, and I never watched the show again, save a moment here and there channel surfing.

So fast forwarding to this week, I have my Thursday idea of “indulgence” toying in my brain, and by Wednesday evening have only a general idea of where my post would go with that (perhaps noting getting out to the movies earlier this week with my BFF), and I was  perfectly open to changing my topic to something else should inspiration strike before Thursday.  Then Wednesday evening I sat down to watch “So You Think You Can Dance.”  “Indulgence” would have to wait.  I had just seen my TTDS post….

It was Melissa and Ade’s routine on breast cancer.  I watched it and cried with Mia.  I watched it, and cried again.  Later I watched it with Husband and Rainbow and I cried again.  Then Rainbow said to me, “Why do you keep watching this if it makes you cry?”

Indeed.  How was this different than the episode of ER?

Fact – Cancer sucks.  Pain sucks.  But survival rocks.  And art that touches your heart and that makes you feel something bigger than the piece itself… I think that rocks too.  Which kind of begs the question of why I feel so differently about that episode of ER so long ago compared to that dance on Wednesday night?  Is episodic television less art than other visual arts?  Is it that one is fiction and obviously contrived, and the other shows a real person’s  a realtime emotional reaction to it. I have no clue.  But I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.

So, this Can’t-Decide-What-Sucks-or-Doesn’t-Sunday presents art that moves you.  Is there a memorable piece of art that touched your heart?  I’d love to hear about it.

And I’ll try and think of an indulgence to tell you about for Thursday.  Because I think I might enjoy the search to find just the right one.  I invite you to do the same.

Things That Don’t Suck: Summer Symbols

They are a symbol of summer to me.

~ of feeling informal and without constraint.

~ of carefree afternoons on the beach.

~ of days in the sun with my girls.



The Perfect Pair of Flip Flops

Molded to the indentation of the owner’s foot by lazy adventures under the summer sun.



What symbolizes summer to you?  What will you celebrate today?

Wordless Wednesday: Remember When Your Granny Wrapped Her Couch In Plastic to Keep It ‘Special’…Well I’m Thinking Husband Thinks The Remote Is Pretty Special Too


Things That Don’t Suck — My First Celebratory Post

Yesterday I suggested we begin the practice here of “Things That Don’t Suck Thursdays” in which we celebrate those things in life which bring us delight.  (You may prefer the less crude “Delightful Thursdays” or similar handle, but the intent could be the same).  So without further ado, I present to you my first entry…. one of my favourite joys…

…Office Supplies.


Ahhh (happy sigh)….

Office stores to me are like casinos to a gambling addict.  Does inspiration conjure any better feeling than the perfect pen that fits the hand just so, and has an ink which just glides across the page (if the ink is colourful all the better)?  And the very first page of a new writing book that just calls to you, “Come rant, or laugh, or scribble, or create as you will.”  Or the smell of a fresh box of crayons that beckons one to stretch one’s inner artist.

Is there a tool of some kind that is so perfect that it calls you to work?  What will you celebrate today?

(Almost*) Wordless Wednesday: Is PEI The Only Place On Earth Where It’s Not So Uncommon For Wheelchairs Drive With the Cars?


*Let’s ignore the fact that I actually took this while I was driving and concentrate on what’s really dangerous here, ‘kay?


My grandmother knew what a painful life had taught her:  success or failure, the truth of a life really has little to do with its quality.  The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight.  The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.
—  Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

I have been picking away a bit at my ragged copy of The Artist’s Way, though admittedly somewhat half-heartedly.  Some days I do morning pages, and have found them quite useful.  And I think about the exercises, though never commit them to paper.  And while an “artist date” is a lovely concept, I must say, “me time” is in rare supply most days, so my solitary “creative date” time has never actually happened yet.

I ventured into this journey to recover my creativity really more as a journey to find direction.  I want so much more than survival.  I want a joyful life (for truly there is much in this life to rejoice about even in trying times).  It is my continuing attempt to open my mind to where exactly I want that direction to be.  But when I came to the above quote, I immediately grabbed a pen and underlined the statement “The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight.” and I rarely actually write in my books.  Because I think what she says here is very very true.

So I want to take notice of what delights me.  I want to be feel gratitude for all of the wonderful things in the world around me.  I want to take notice of the teacup that feels perfect in the hand… of how raindrops on the flowers reflect the re-emerging sunlight… of how the heart sings when one’s children laugh together… of what actually makes me stop and let my soul sigh with peace.

My new plan (and to be honest, I think I’m stealing this plan from something I saw a long time agon on What Would Jane Austen Do but in a quick search could not find it) is to present “Things That Don’t Suck” once a week for the next little while.  Maybe make a “Things That Don’t Suck Thursday” (like Wordless Wednesday but maybe with words) to share a particular delight noticed that week.

Because I want to pay attention.  And in taking notice of these things I want to celebrate the good things in life.  I hope you will join me and share your delights as well.

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