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Bag of Life – An Assignment

As many of you who follow my tweets or facebook know (yes, I succumbed to facebook), my kids started school this week…  with a relatively cranky bang.

Those of you who follow my blog probably didn’t know this, because I have been a bad bad blogger, and neglected you terribly.  I am terribly sorry for that and hope that I can get back on track now that life is back to its routine crankiness.

Anyway, as is typical for the first week of school, homework has been on the light side… to sort of ease back into things, I guess.  But yesterday Rainbow had two things to do: get a Pringles can to bring in, and put 5 things that represent her life in a bag.

Now, I first have to say that I highly respect a teacher that assigns homework that may require the eating of snacks.  Also, I do hope next week she assigns something involving Fudgeeos.  As for the collection assignment, Rainbow chose the following: her taekwondo belt, the dog leash (she considers Tilly mostly hers), a paint brush (representing creativity), a St. Patrick’s day balloon (her birthday), and violin rosin.

And as I dropped her off at school this morning I started wondering about my own bag of life… what 5 objects would represent my life and/or who I am?

I’m going to think about this, and get back to you.  And, if anyone needs blog fodder to get re-rolling as well, I challenge you all to do the same (or comment here… I do love to hear from you).

Oh… Bonus points if you put them in a Fudgeeo bag.



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