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Another trip around the sun

If there are two things we are about here in the House of Sock, it is cake and wishes.  As a result, birthdays, regardless of how the honouree may feel about being another year older, are always marked with sweets and candles.

Yesterday was my birthday.

True to tradition, my family picked me out a lovely cake and carefully lit a few candles.  They dimmed the lights and brought me out my flaming treat.  “Make a wish!” Rainbow declared…

And then it happened…

In that very moment, for probably the first time ever in my life, I had nothing to wish for.  How could I be so unprepared for something I knew was coming?!  This is the pivotal wishing opportunity of the year!!! My mind quickly browsed the list which has seemed forever engrained in the front of my mind…  A job for the next little while? – check.  Feeling fine? – check.  Kids ok? – check.  I was, to my very surprise, at peace in that moment.

So I closed my eyes, and whispered in my heart “may they live happily ever after” and blew out my candles…

Of course, now looking back on it… I realize I never did get that pony I wanted from childhood.  Maybe next year.


Remembrance Day Signage

This sign was outside a pub in my old home town today.

I’ve always found beer makes me forget more 🙂


Dear Puppy,

Please keep in mind that when the clocks go back that it is a REQUIREMENT to sleep an extra hour.  If you make me wake up at 4:30am on any given day, the next trick you are trained to do will be to make coffee.



Dear Candidate in the Municipal Election:

The fact that you left a “Sorry I missed you” note ON MY UNLOCKED GATE, rather than actually walking to my door to see if I might actually be home, did not convince me you’d actually do any work if you had in fact been elected.  Just sayin’.



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