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On Stability, Super Heros, And a Chance to See Ellen

We are half way through January, and I am still in the honeymoon phase of the possibility it brings.  There is something very uplifting about January.  It’s a fresh start. A new life page.  And I am still contemplating the possibility before me.  Now, I fully realize that every new day is a similar opportunity, yet a new year, by virtue of its time distance to its next anniversary, January causes me to pause longer and consider possibility more deeply.

What do I want my life to look like?  What is the vision I want to focus on as I move forward?

To that end, I have been working a bit on my vision board… which is actually just images I’ve stuck up on a cupboard wall as I’ve found them.  The images are representative of things I want to materialize in my life – some continually, some eventually.  I’d like to share with you some of what is up there so far (in no particular order):

Work Stability – one image which is not in this post is a picture of my work photo id where the expiry date of March 31st has been changed to “not applicable”.  I want to say “good-bye” to short-term jobs, and “hello” to a position where I have more stability, benefits, and means to support my family.

Transportation – Sometimes it is hard to plan for major purchases when your main concern is getting through the short term.  My recent issues with my van have made me realize that I need to put safe, reliable van to my list of goals.  My current transportation isn’t going to last forever. And while I’m still no closer to a long term achievement plan, it’s on the visualization radar.

A home that is mine – I’ve posted before about my dream home.  January just makes me want it all the more.  Perhaps it is my hunger for stability, or my desire to feel some sense of permanence, or some intrinsic need for roots, but so much has to align for this particular thing to materialize.  You not only need saved resources, but your life needs some provable permanence before someone will lend you the money to purchase a home (lottery wins also gratefully accepted).  So this one is definitely in the “eventually” category, and perhaps belongs more in the centre of the wall, but it’s in the visualization lense, if only the universe will comply.

Be of service – Would you just look at this dear face.  He takes this superhero stuff very seriously. He makes me smile. He’s living the dream.  And you know, service can mean a really wide range of things.  Sometimes it only takes a very small thing to make a big difference to someone.  I want to be cognizant of areas where I can be of service to others.  I think the world would be such a better place if we all reached out a little more often.  A snazzy cape and a cool pair of boots would be a bonus.

Dream Big.  Believe. – For this I have chosen the cover of the December 2009 issue of O magazine.  Here’s why…  To me, this is representative of possibility and belief in one’s dreams despite obstacles.  Last January, Ellen Degeneres set the goal to be on the cover of O magazine.  At the time it seemed an outlandish reach of possiblity.  Apparently it was not, as by December 2009 she was on the cover.  I want that kind of faith in vision.  I want to shoot for the life I crave, however out of reach it may seem.  I want to act in ways that make my vision materialize.  Ellen has given me that sense that things can happen if you put it out there.

By the way, this year her focus is world domination.  Seriously.  In sort of a non-serious way.  Her newsletter specifies “the real goal is to reach out to countries around the world and show our love.” I really hope she succeeds.  Because lots of stuff in the world stinks right now, and a little love might just make a great deal of difference.  (As an aside, in one of her world domination attempts to reach Canada, she has opened a contest specifically for Canadians where they could win tickets to her birthday show. How cool would that be?)

And there you have it… the dream so far.  What is your dream? Are you focussed on your goals?  What images represent what you want from life?  I hope you share.


Be Careful What You Wish For

The lack of household heat and hot water being what they were, to say this was not the best of hair days might be putting it a tad mildly. Combine that with the fact that I could not find my mascara this morning and was at work for an hour and a half before I realized that I had neglected to zip up my pants, and its a wonder someone didn’t make a 911 call to the fashion police. It was a fugly day, people. It was a fugly day. The kind of day where both your hair spray and your deodorant give out by about noon.

But luck being what it is, I needed to stop at the grocery store for milk and eggs on the way home. I quickly pick up my items, and am surprised to find a check out with its little light on and nobody in line. Must be my lucky day, I think… completely forgetting that up until this moment luck hadn’t shown its little face in days. It was not until I had punched in my debit number that I realized there was a television camera on this particular check out. What they might have been filming, I have no idea, but I’m here to tell you the very prospect that my fugly little self might be immortalized on film increases exponentially with how fugly I was. And how many people I went to school with who might be watching.

I had the kind of look Stacey & Clinton show in secret footage on “What Not To Wear.” I guess the good news is that I may have taken my first steps to actually being a little old lady made famous in a commercial… or at the very least some staff training video. Perhaps it’s time to set the sights a tad higher.

Where’s the List?

Now that I have accomplished the whole degree thing, I have been putting some thought into my what needs to get done next and have been attempting to create a “life list”… a 50 before 50 sort of thing. Realistically, if I actually wanted to accomplish 50 things before I turn 50, given how my life seems to go, I probably should have come up with this list when I was about ten years old, so I have decided that this could be a sort of carry over kind of thing. What doesn’t get done by 50 will just go on the 60 before 60 list. One has to keep striving after all.

So I sat down and pondered what I wanted to do, or have, or be.
I’ve been thinking for two days.
I have nine things so far.

And despite the fact that the list making is not going as well as I anticipated, I may have figured out the a long term career goal… one for the 80 before 80 list. I think I want to be one of those little old ladies who become famous in television commercials, like Clara Peller’s “Where’s the beef?”. Remember her?

So maybe simply getting older should be on my “life list?” And if so, wouldn’t that pretty much guarantee you’d never finish your list (perpetually carrying it forward)?

(Sigh) Maybe I should just list 50 different chocolate things I could eat and be done with it.

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