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The Shoemaker & The Elves

You may recall that we got a new puppy last summer.  While her intelligence and her waistline do seem to be growing, her behaviour is frequently questionnable.  She is, I believe, frequently aware that what she is doing is wrong (hence the growth of intelligence).  She just doesn’t really care.

Shoes, for example… I have no doubt in my mind that she knows they are not to be chewed on.  But, being the girlie girl that she is, she does love shoes.

So yesterday Dolittle had a friend over for a while, and Rainbow and I were racing around the house getting ready for taekwondo class.  As I’m searching out the bags of gear, I hear the anxious yell of “Mom!!!” from the kitchen.  Racing to see what the emergency could possibly be, I find the puppy, relaxing on the friend’s shoe, the insole dangling from her mouth.

When we have rescued the shoe and insole, Rainbow asks me if we should tell Dolittle.  I decide that it would be better to fix the shoe, and tell her after the friend leaves.  In retrospect, that was probably not my finest parental advising or example setting moment ever, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

As quietly as we could to avoid detection, we get out some wood glue (the only kind of glue I can find), apply a thin layer to the insole, and carefully lay it inside the shoe.  Unfortunately, however, the child had man-sized feet, so wearing the shoe to flatten the lining was not working so well.  Rainbow then offered to assist by volunteering to be piggy backed around the kitchen as I clopped around.  Ultimately we decide that the two shoes don’t really match, and the other shoe showed some signs of dog love as well, so we took that one out, glued it, and clopped around in them both.

When the insoles were finally smoothed out and in place to our satisfaction, we placed them out of the puppy’s reach and left for taekwondo class.

Upon return home, we confessed to Dolittle, that the puppy had loved up her friend’s shoes so we fixed the insoles.  She raised an eyebrow and gave us ‘the eye’…  “Those shoes?  The insoles are always coming out of those.”

Not any more, baby.  Not any more.


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