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Treaty Cream

I make no secret of the fact that I love coffee. I am the only person in my house that drinks coffee and 90% of the time I drink my coffee black. The rest of the time, I like “treaty cream” in my coffee… just a splash of International Delight to make it a sweet treat…

Yesteday was a storm day. No work. What a perfect time to brew a pot of coffee and christen a brand new bottle of International Delight. So imagine my surprise when I lifed the blue cover to remove the foil seal and found that it had been impaled with some object to access the contents. Could it be anyone in my house given that I am the only coffee drinker?

So I confronted Husband and accused asked him about the mooched treaty cream. He positively denied impaling the seal, though noted the stuff tastes really good on ice cream (implying he has helped himself in the past).

The next most logical suspect was Rainbow….

“Rainbow, did you stab Mommy’s special treaty cream with a knife and take some?”

“No, of course not!” she answered.

And just as I was about to move on, she added…

“I used a fork. ‘Knifes’ are just too dangerous, silly.”


Things I’ve learned so far in the step challenge

… Exercise can help sooth the soul when the week has been really stressful. So can chocolate, so it kind of evens out.

… You can work on your feet all day but that doesn’t necessarily mean you get steps on your pedometer — and you’ll still be exhausted even if you don’t get any steps.

… If you attach your pedometer to your underwear because your pants don’t sit at a suitable place for your pedometer to work properly, you need to be really careful when you go to the bathroom.

… Replacement pedometers can be found at the dollar store.

Spinning Productively

I have had an inner ear virus for days. Essentially this has meant that I have been off balanced and dizzy, and the mere act of walking gave me motion sickness. It has been a lot like being drunk without the happy. Thankfully, things seem to be improving.

One thing I tried this weekend to occupy the girls while I was spinning about the place, was to bake bread from scratch for the very first time. I had read somewhere that the more you knead the stuff, the better, so what more productive way than to give each girl a good long turn wacking the daylights out of a giant fragrant lump of play doh. The end result was this…

Now, I admit, for those who might be opposed to finding dough about the kitchen for the next few days this project may not be ideal. And if seeing your kid up to their elbows in gluten makes you weak in the knees, this is probably not for you. But if you need a project that takes all day but leaves spaces for tiny spells of down time and gives you something yummy in the end, you might want to give this a try.

2 Years of Socks

Yesterday was my second Blogiversary!!! 332 posts in two years and lots of blog friends later, here I am.

So I was thinking about my first blog post two years ago, and I realized that I do not, in fact, ever actually talk about point #3 in a literal sense… ie, I never actually discuss socks and laundry (though domestic life does come up). So here it is… I really do marvel at how socks disappear. I have an honest to goodness issue with it. And here is the proof…

I do laundry nearly every freaking day (presuming my machines work and they don’t always). And nearly every single time a load comes out of the dryer, at least one pair of socks will have become a single sock. So, I put the single sock in my “single sock” bag, intended to be the holding place until the other sock appears… ya’ just never know if it never made it out of the hamper or got into a different load. But it doesn’t always work that way:

Behold! My “collection” of single socks where the mate never ever materialized. How crazy is that? Care to give theories on what happens to them?

– Is that what my alien neighbours have buried under their “headstone” lawn ornaments (don’t ask);

– Is there a sock party going on somewhere behind the dryer?

– Did they just disintegrate from over use or stinky feet?

Got any other ideas?

Delurking week

This is apparently “delurking week” in the blogosphere. It is a time when those who read without commenting are asked to post a wee “howdy” of introduction. I don’t actually think I get many lurkers…. more like drive-by visits… folks looking for information on “older boobs” (I kid you not – that seems to be a hot topic in the last week or two), “hamster comas,” and pretty much anything related to socks, and then they disappear into the night. But if you happen to pause for a moment and read on occasion, please delurk this week and say hi!

Unless of course you’re nasty, in which case you may carry on with your lurking.

Interesting Dreams

While in dream world I cannot do a bichagi to save my life, apparently in that same dream world one taekwondo class gives me the ability to block alien death rays.

A Kicking Time Was Had By All

Family night of taekwondo was a lot of fun. Mostly.

During the course of the evening I discovered two things:

~ that I’m not as flexible as I once was. Age and inactivity have taken their toll, I suppose.

~ that certain stretches can give me a muscle spasm where my rib cage meets, round about the area of the solar plexus. Just about here…

But as I was scrunching up my face trying to figure out what on earth to do about stretching properly when there was a screamingly painful knot between my ribs, Rainbow was good enough to remind me “This is for your own good, you know.” She’s nice like that.

In the end the it seemed all the families had a great time… we wary first time adult kickers and our slightly more experienced kiddies. As we left Rainbow asked, “do we really have to wait seven days to do this again?” And I sort of felt the same way.

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