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My Halloween Dilemma

My class is on Tuesday nights. Halloween is on Tuesday night. You can probably see where this is going…

The thing is the class is structured so that we have covered models of love and marriage from Greek & Roman civilization up until roughly the 18th century, and this class — this very Halloween class — is the end of the lecture part (it moves to tutorials on the readings). Readings and class material are completely separate. This class is the one where he covers today and how we’ve completely messed up the model of love and marriage (according to what the professor has alluded to so far). Not going to class will feel like I have been reading a book and someone ripped out the last chapter. Never mind that he’ll give tips for the exam and paper… I need to know how the story ends!

But it is Halloween… the second most anticipated annual tradition after Christmas around here… and my kids need me to be a part of it… to get them ready… to shepherd them around… to just be there. Yes, Husband could take them, but he’s been sick and the weather has been lousy. It is also part of their tradition for me to take them to their godparent’s house and do the trek from there. Plus we are back to one vehicle and I’m not loving the idea of taking it to the University on Halloween (though I have no idea why).

I will skip the love class. There is no way I can miss Halloween.
And ironically, it is primarily because of love that I can’t.


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Animal crumbs

Rainbow was helping me pack the lunches yesterday. I was slicing some cheese and popped a stray cheese crumb into my mouth.

“Did you just eat a cheese crumb?” Rainbow asked me.

“Yes, I did,” I replied.

“Would you eat a pig crumb?” she inquired.

“Pig crumb?”… not really sure where this is going.

“Yes,” she explained, “after pigs die they get made into bacon for us. Would you eat a bacon crumb?”

“After they die?”

“You know… just like chickens… it’s not like they kill them on purpose for us to eat.”

Oh. My. G*d. Do I break the news now or risk turning my kid into a vegetarian (not that there is anything wrong with vegetarians…. if you actually eat vegetables). Packing lunches would certainly become more challenging. Nonetheless, I decided to break the news.

“Actully, hon… sometimes they do kill animals for people’s food.”

“ON PURPOSE??? FOR US????” she blurted with eyes wide.

“Yes dear. Sometimes they do.”

“I think you better call 911” she stated.

Bar smarts

I was behind the bar lending a brief hand when a guy comes over and orders a beer and a shot. As I am about to take his money his friend comes over and says “No, this round is on me.” The two men bicker back and forth about who will pay, and Guy2 takes the $10 bill off Guy1 and rips in half. He then passes me a $20. Although I am in complete disbelief (having never seen anyone rip up someone else’s money before) I make Guy2’s change and give it to him.

At this point Guy1 slides half of the ripped $10 over to me, picks up the other half, and tells me he’ll be back later. I’m hoping he is serious, as half of a $10 is of little value to either one of us, yet a long time seems to pass before he makes a return.

So, probably close to two hours later (or maybe it just felt like that long), Guy1 comes back to the bar. There is a new guy (Guy3) standing next to him. “I’ll have a shot and a beer,” Guy1 says as he lays the other half of the $10 on the bartop. I turn my back to pour the shot (as the liquor is behind me) and Guy3 says to Guy1 “Do you think if you rip your money in half it will go twice as far?”

Guy1 turns to Guy3 and says with passable innocent sounding undertones “You don’t think she’ll take it?”

Guy3 assures him I most likely will not.

“Do you want to make a bet?” Guy1 asks.

Guy3, of course, lost the bet, and I have been amused thinking about the exchange ever since.

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