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Pass the Remote

If my life were a movie, I think I would fast forward over this bit…  the bit where the wee ones see only the fact that Mommy asked Daddy to leave, and not the myriad of reasons that preceeded it…  the bit where they love Mommy, but don’t really like her much as a result of the changes she has brought to their comfy wee world…  the bit where everyone is trying to figure out what this new life entails…

Instead, skip me ahead to the part where the family finds peace in their new separate lives… where there are two convergent but separate happily ever afters.

And also, since were pretending my life is a movie, can I be played by some engaging, attractive starlett?  If I’m rewriting history, I might as well take full creative license and go for that makeover I’ve long desired 🙂


Then there were three

I had great intentions to revitalize this blog with NaBloPoMo, posting each and every day in November.  The challenge, I thought, would be just the thing to get me back in the practice of daily writing my thoughts here.  But new challenges arose instead.

As fortunes would have it, the evening of November 1st would not be spent at the keyboard.  It was spent shaking up my life reorganizing my sock drawer.  There are fewer socks now here in Sockville.

I have no crystal ball to see what the future might hold, but I am hopeful that when all the dust settles and everyone gets their bearings in this new way of living, that everything will be alright, no matter what household format that might be.  Because truly I hold no ill will towards the man I shared more than 20 years with.  I just seem to have just figured out where my line in the sand was actually located.

So, my apologies for the immediate NaBloPoMo failure, and general lapse in communication for a while.  I have no doubt the future will be filled with many a contemplative post as I map this new path.  It is my sincere hope that there is still someone out here to share it with.

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