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Dear Santa

While there were a few things that kind of sucked about this last year, for the most part it’s been really, really good.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of really great teams, I’ve got a wonderful family, great friends, and lots of blessings in my life.

Having said that, if you have a little room in the bottom of your gift bag, there are a couple of things I wouldn’t mind this year:

– A new math teacher for my kid.  Quite frankly I think he’s an incompetent ass with an attitude.  If you could fix this, or miraculously make her understand math without requiring his teaching, that would be FABULOUS.

– My other child could use a teensy bit of self-confidence, and some stress-coping skills, because she’s wonderful and competent and sometimes just needs to breathe, relax, and let stuff go a bit.  If maybe you have some magic fairy dust or have some kind of magic Santa spell or something that would impart this great gift, I would appreciate that.

– Also, if you give me the ability to require less sleep, that would be handy.  You must have some tricks in that regard given how much you accomplish in one night.  In fact, if you would just pass on the secret to your great productivity, I would be sure to make the best of it.

– I think i-pods are cool and look like they’d be both fun and useful.  Just sayin’.

I will leave you some milk and cookies,
Sock Girl


Dear Puppy,

Please keep in mind that when the clocks go back that it is a REQUIREMENT to sleep an extra hour.  If you make me wake up at 4:30am on any given day, the next trick you are trained to do will be to make coffee.



Dear Candidate in the Municipal Election:

The fact that you left a “Sorry I missed you” note ON MY UNLOCKED GATE, rather than actually walking to my door to see if I might actually be home, did not convince me you’d actually do any work if you had in fact been elected.  Just sayin’.



Dear Santa

If you could just leave me a big box of time and money, that should pretty much cover it.

That is all.


Sock Girl

Dear Melissa

I admit to watching Canada’s Worst Driver, because usually there is a good belly laugh in each episode…. there is sometimes a driver I find disturbing, but usually I do get my laugh.

You, however, were nothing to laugh at.  Silently you sat and let your partner/passenger call you down, cuss you, berate your driving, and grab the wheel from your hands.  You never talked back once.  You took his abuse (and yes, that was abuse) without a word, quietly being less and less confident in yourself.  You even defended him at one point to the judges, with a “that’s just his way” sort of dismissal.  That way is not good, dear.  It’s not good at all.

So the host points his behaviour out to him… gives him a CD of his less than shining moments, and an epiphany happens.  Suddenly, he realizes how bad he has been, and vows to make amends.  And when he uses positive reinforcement and praises how you’re doing, you pass the next challenge wonderfully.  He is a changed man.

That brings me to the reason for my letter today, Melissa.  I’m worried about you.  You see the show lasted an hour… I realize that in real life the occurence of events was probably much much longer, but in tv time he had his epiphany, completely changed his ways, and you became a confident driver graduating from the show in an hour.  So I’m finding the reality of the change very hard to accept.  I’m guessing some time has passed now since you actually did leave, and I wanted to check on you…. are things still going well?  And not in a “that’s just his way” kind of way….  Are they really different and better?  I want them to be for you.  You deserve them to be for you.

I wish you well.

Sock Girl

Unsent Letters

Dear Interview Panel From Earlier This Week:

If an interview begins with the panel saying, “We don’t think you’re a good match for this position because you have too much experience,” then maybe the candidate should not have been invited to discuss that particular opportunity.  Please feel free to make it up to the candidate with an offer of a better opportunity.


Dear References For the Job I Really Really Want:

If they call, feel free to use phrases such as “walks on water.”   🙂


Dear Dolittle, Who Attended Her First Dance This Week:

(Sniff)  No matter how much you’re growing up before my eyes, you will always be my baby girl.  I love you.


Dear Rainbow, Who Got Her Heart Broken When She Didn’t Make the Team This Week:

I know it doesn’t make you feel any better to know how very proud I am that you tried.  But I really am.  I know how it hurts to try so hard and it still not be enough.  I know life is not fair sometimes.  If I could carry the hurt for you, I would.  I love you, Sweetie.


Dear Husband, Who Got Me a Very Expensive Valentine’s Present But Was Forced Convinced To Return It:

I really do appreciate the thought.  Really.  But I appreciate that you took it back even more.

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

This is my 400th post.  And it strikes me that I’m still whining about the same things I was from the beginning, more or less.  I believe it’s time you cut me a break.  Anytime now if you want to bring the wonderful new job, home ownership, and some good news, I’d just like you to know I’m ready.  World peace would be nice too.

Sock Girl  ♥

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