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American Idol Hmmm

So, while “song choice” is apparently key, it seems to me that a lot of contestants this year almost got the judges blessing to sing the phone book.  And it bugged me to no end.  I know it’s over for this season, but what do you think the judges would do if a contestant really did come out and sing it?  Would they finally stop overusing the statement???

Of course, it would have to be the phone book of a very small place or they’d never remember the lyrics, but maybe when they were done Randy could be all, “Listen up! Listen up! Yo, Dawg, you could even sing a real song!”

And Paula could agree with everything Randy said and add something confusing and fit for media speculation like, “Oh you look great tonight, and I could just pop you in the toaster and eat you for breakfast!”

Then Simon could say “Now I don’t want to be rude, but you sang that like bad karaoke at a wedding where even the bride was ugly.”

Just a thought. 

And is it a sign that I’m going to be having a rather confused day if I woke up actually thinking about this stuff rather than what I need to be doing today?


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