Green Stripe

Pants on the ground,

Pants on the ground,

Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground…

Yesterday, my second Saturday off in a row, I took my test for my green stripe in taekwondo.  And I was incredibly nervous.

Here’s the thing… I knew the stuff, and I knew I knew the stuff… but I had never ever had to do a form for a test before.  And I hand never ever had to spar during a test before.  And I was shaking at the thought of both.

So of the two, the form came first.  And I was incredibly disappointed with my performance.  For some reason I had difficulty keeping my balance, so even if I would have executed one of the blocks correctly, it would have been wobbly.

This of course meant that my confidence was not at prime as I took to the floor for my fight.  As luck would have it, however, my pants are only held on with a drawstring because the elastic is gone, and the drawsting was increasingly losening, so I was distracted enough with not letting my pants fall down to completely forget that my form sucked was not what I had hoped.

See the hands in that picture (I’m the red fighter)… bad fighting stance… good checking your pants stance.  Just sayin’.

So, in the end, the judges were gentle, my pants stayed on, and I got my green stripe.  Not a bad day. 🙂


1 Response to “Green Stripe”

  1. 1 Robin June 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Congratulations. 🙂

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