Why I can cross mechanic off my list of career possibilities

As you already know, the Year of the Sock started with some major repairs to the van.  First the transmission went over Christmas, then the thingy (technical term) underneath broke.  And I am currently driving around with the “service engine soon” light on.  “Soon” is relative.  And it’s been on so long and so often that it is sort of like a night light at this point. I honestly don’t even think it went off the last time the engine was serviced.

For quite some time now my van has also had this issue with its headlights.  It is kind of hard to explain, but “cloudy” might be the best description of them.  They are far from the clear shining beacons I’m sure they once were.  And in the back of my mind I know, at some point, something will need to be done about these.  Avoiding night driving is probably the best solution.

But earlier this week Dolittle called requesting a drive home from a friend’s house.  The friend does not live far, but it was late, and cold, and dark, so the request was reasonable.   I got into the van and noticed how dim the lights seemed to be.  I wondered if they were even on and checked the switch.  They were.  I thought perhaps a bulb was burned out so I got out of the van to investigate.  I walked around the van and all looked well.  But from inside the van things were very very wrong.  I could barely see to back up and had to double check that there were no cars parked on the roadside, or garbage cans left too long, as these would be inevitable victims to my blind reversing.

Finally on the road, my mind noted how the streetlights all seemed to emit a yellow glow as I flicked the brights on to see if that improved the situation.  Nothing seemed to improve visibility. I was grateful there was very little traffic.  My mind began to ponder the cost of new headlights.

Then my hand instinctively went to my forehead as I pondered what I would do.  And as it did, my hand grazed the rim of my glasses.  My sunglasses.  Yes, my friends, my world had been dim because I, ever the genius, had without thinking attached blinders to my face.  And I was half way to my destination before I even figured this little gem out.   I removed the shades and voila!  There was light.

I was still laughing when I got to my destination.  Can you imagine if I had presented myself to the service station and announced my vehicle was having lighting issues like that?


1 Response to “Why I can cross mechanic off my list of career possibilities”

  1. 1 Quadelle April 4, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    You made me laugh! As someone with light sensitivity I often drive with sunglasses on when most normal people would not (in the rain, for instance) but even I don’t wear them at night!

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