The Olympic Message

I may have found an Olympic torch.  Or maybe I just got my kid an autographed picture of the gymnast in Kensington.  At this point things are a tad confused.  Stay tuned.

But I do have some thoughts on the Olympics that perhaps it may be timely to share…

Someone recently told me that they could not stand the Olympics and had a myriad of reasons for this, but among them was the suggestion that the message they give is to “win at any cost.”  Is that what you take away from the games?  That winning is paramount?  Or do you walk away with feeling that the underlying message to take away is that if you want something, if you believe, if you work for it and train for it, possibility exists?

Perhaps it is because I work very hard to focus on the positive possibilities in life, but my take on the matter is definitely “possibility exists.”  Those “Do You Believe?” television ads that aired in Canada for what felt like eons before the Olympics… I love them.  Because to me, the message is more than believing your athlete can win a piece of hardware for your country… it’s that some kid can see an athlete go for their dream.  That they can see sportsmanship and error.  That they can see where commitment can take them.  (Yes, they can also apparently see gold medalists drink straight out of a pitcher of beer, but we’ll just let that slide for the moment, ok).

Go for it.  Work for it.  Believe it.  And it can be whatever positive thing you want it to be.


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