The Sock in the Hat

It has been bitterly cold here of late.  Like minus a million degrees.  So, while most times I do enjoy a good stroll to work in the morning, I admit I find it a chore when the weather actually hurts.  And there were some walks this week that did hurt.

So, while shopping for something completely unrelated, I was delighted to find this hat:

Yes.  It’s ugly.  But it’s warm.  And was $4.  And I bought and wore it with no qualms whatsoever.  I call it my lumberjack hat.

So, in view of the recent cold, I bought each of my girls a new hat for an early Valentine’s day gift.  Now their’s was not the cheapie lumberjack chapeau shown above.  No, they got cute and trendy animal hats from the high end store.  And if they weren’t photo shy at the moment I would show you how cute and adorable they look in them.  Rainbow’s is a bear, and Dolittle’s is a mouse.

I had this conversation with Rainbow this morning:

Me: I quite like my new lumberjack hat.

Rainbow: Your what?

Me: Lumberjack hat.  The one with the flaps.  It’s very warm.

Rainbow: You know, they maybe used to be called bear hats, because the flaps used to have bear fur on them.

Me: Really?  Well I then I think mine is an albino muppet hat.

Rainbow responded with a look which I cannot even describe.

Me: I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Jack Frost* festival this month? (*a winter children’s festival held here in February)

Rainbow: (without hesitation) No. Thanks.

So, now I’m left wondering… have my children outgrown a children’s festival (which is a possibility)?  Have they just had enough of this darn cold?  Or are they somewhat mortified of my new bonnet?


1 Response to “The Sock in the Hat”

  1. 1 Quadelle February 10, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Now I’m wondering, too.

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