Photo Meme – Part 1

Well, there were only 5 requests in the photo meme, so technically I could have put them all in one post, but for reasons outside my control (ie, it’s too dark to take a picture from my kitchen window at the moment and I haven’t figured out where my favourite place in town is) this will now be a two part post.

LSM wanted to see the one item I’d save in a fire after my family was safe.  I am presuming pets are family because otherwise, the obvious answer would be the dog.  This one took some thought… because I have discovered I don’t really have strong preservation feelings about any of my material possessions.  So, I came up with two practical answers.  One thing which would be extremely useful to save would be this:

My computer helps me feel connected, and has copies of many many photos and documents in it.  It would truly stink to not have those.  But technically, I would no longer have a place to live and plug it in, so really, how important would that be?  So, I came up with something I think is probably even more practical to save…

…the keys.  Because really, if I had the keys to the van, I could get the family (and pets) safely out of Dodge and harm’s way. Also, I should note, that it would even be more pratical if I saved my husband’s keys because his car is newer and in much better shape, but I can’t drive a standard so it really wouldn’t be as useful to me in the big picture.

Now the next photo in the meme is brought to you at the request of Quadelle who wanted to see both my shoe collection and the state of the messiest room in my house.  That presented two problems:  1)  I don’t have a “collection” per-se… I have mostly very worn unimpressive footwear that were scattered in various places (some at work, some hidden away til summer, some I could only find singles to, some my daughter thinks are hers, etc) making the photo a tad more difficult than it seemed; and 2)  I’m really too embarrassed to show you the entire state of my kitchen, which has way too little storage and always looks as if the tazmanian devil has recently breezed through.

So, as a compromise, I present to you the shoes currently kicked off at the door of the messiest room of my house 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my favourite spot in town and the view from my kitchen window.  (And my apologies for the bad photography).


1 Response to “Photo Meme – Part 1”

  1. 1 Quadelle December 1, 2009 at 9:30 am

    You are one practical girl! Thanks for indulging us. 🙂

    I don’t have a shoe ‘collection’ a la TV shows, but I am hankering for something that is not 100% boring to brighten up the motley crew I rely on to see me about. Looks like you guys have a good mix of fun and functional.

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