There was a cake emergency

You may recall that Wednesday was my birthday.  You may also recall that I have a part-time weekend job.  Well, this part-time weekend job has been pretty good for remembering my birthday with a cake every year since I started so I left for work today with a skip in my step because how bad can a day be when it will likely involve cake, right?

It was a day fraught with technical difficulties.  I think every piece of technology I came in contact with failed at some point in the day.  And then a colleague suggested pizza for lunch.  That worked for me, as it would be the perfect starter for my cake.  I peeked on the Front Store Manager’s desk and there was indeed a cake box there.

“I bet there is cake,” I told my co-workers delightedly.  You see, while I don’t do birthdays per se, I still do cake.

The pizza arrived and I strolled into the back room and peeked in the cake box.  Chocolate.   So far so good.  I pulled back the cover.  “Happy Birthday Jackie” it said.  Ummm… I’m not Jackie.  But apparently she has a birthday soon too.

So I went back to my computer.  “There will be no cake.” I announced.  I attempted to sound very matter of fact and not the least bit disappointed.  The subject dropped.

At least for them.  But my feelings were hurt that I was forgotten.  Because I’m eight apparently.  So I made silly comments throughout the day… jokes about writing head office, the cake emergency, etc. , all in jest, of course.  It was not like I was going to faint way or anything.

And then, an hour before my shift was over, the driver came in with this, arranged by my co-workers:

And it could not have been more delicious. Or colourful apparently. And it was much more lovely than Jackie’s plain old chocolate cake.

So to my co-workers, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You made me feel special and made my day.

(And I really do hope Jackie has a lovely birthday as well. )


1 Response to “There was a cake emergency”

  1. 1 Calvin November 22, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Happy Birthday – a little late – glad you got cake!

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