Step Away From The Cupcakes

Last night Rainbow and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. And as we strolled through the bakery aisle attention was diverted to a small display of cupcakes.  Cake is high on Rainbow’s list of favorite treats.

There they were, six beautiful cupcakes… vanilla, with a huge dollop of vanilla icing all fluffy and swirled to perfection, and topped with colourful confetti sprinkles.  Two picture perfect desserts for each girl and myself.

“Pick me!” they called to us.  So we did.

Given that we had only a small number of items in the cart, I chose the express line.  Ten items or less, bag your own.  We’d be home and into the cupcakes in no time.

“We have eleven groceries,” Rainbow whispered to me, clearly not sure what the implications of this were.

“The cereal and milk count as ‘breakfast’” I decided.  I’m not sure she was convinced.

Then just as I was taking the amazing cupcakes from the cart to the conveyor belt, I dropped the package… cupcakes sliding about in their plastic carton.

Rainbow and I peered into the packaging.  They weren’t so pretty any more.  Definitely no longer the kind of thing you’d photograph before eating.  But still edible.  I added them to the rest of our groceries.

The clerk rang in the bread.  It wandered down the conveyer to the bagging part of the counter.  She rang in the cupcakes.  It too wandered down the conveyer.  She rang in the milk and placed it on the conveyer.  And then the milk wobbled.  And toppled.  On to the cupcakes.  Crushing them even more completely.

The beautiful cupcakes no longer resembled anything like the pretty mounds of yumminess that we originally picked up.  “My fault! Said the clerk.  I’ll get you a new pack.”

Rainbow and I smiled at our sudden good fortune.  Soon we would have our pretty treat again.

The bakery personnel came down to the cash to bring us our replacement cupcakes.  I carried the bag of groceries, Rainbow carried the treasured dessert.  In no time we would be home to enjoy our treat.

Unless of course the carrier of cupcakes decides to take a closer look and open the package just when mom turns the corner in her van.  Then it’s pretty much a cupcake toss in the van.  Perfect vanilla icing everywhere.  Her seatbelt, her shirt, my purse, all the stuff on the seat.

And, given how much we were looking forward to the treat, I was worried about the drama that would unfold.  Hunger and high expectations can sometimes result in significant drama.  Instead my little Rainbow laughed and laughed.

Because apparently the only thing yummier than perfect cupcakes, are completely imperfect cupcakes with an adventure story and a belly laugh.


3 Responses to “Step Away From The Cupcakes”

  1. 1 ramblingmom June 1, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Those poor cupcakes were obviously not meant to get to your house in one piece.

  2. 2 Janet June 3, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    I kept waiting for you to be denied the cupcakes because it was your 11th item. At least she could laugh about it. And you of course get a blog topic. (I know those cupcakes of which you speak. We have them way too often.)

  3. 3 Robin June 4, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    LOL! I guess you weren’t meant to eat them — just enjoy them. I think it’s wonderful that your enjoyment burned calories with a good belly laugh. 🙂

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