Victoria Day

Victoria Day is upon us.  Here in Canada we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria on the Monday preceding May 25. Wouldn’t it be confusing if we all celebrated birthdays like that?… I was born on the fifth Sunday preceding Christmas.  I wonder how that would look on my driver’s license?

Anyway, this particular weekend will be a jolly family occasion as the girls and I travel out of province to the wedding of my double cousin.  (My mother’s brother married my father’s sister so the children of that particular aunt and uncle are my cousins twice).  I mentioned this to Dolittle and her response was… “gee… Nanny and Grandpa have a lot of brothers and sisters…. so what you’re saying is that there will be a lot of old people hugging me over the weekend.”  Yep. That’s pretty much it.

The girls are pretty excited about the prospect of two nights in a hotel when it isn’t even summer vacation (which typically consists of a night or two in a hotel).  Personally, despite knowing about this wedding for quite some time, I am surprised at how unprepared I’m feeling for an out of province journey… I have no idea what I’m wearing to the wedding, or what the kids are wearing, and haven’t even bought a card, and, and, and…  You get the idea.  Add to this that I am driving and have no real sense of direction.  Oh what an adventure it will be.  I’ll be like an explorer in a mini van.


1 Response to “Victoria Day”

  1. 1 LSM May 15, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Try to relax and enjoy the celebration! I think double first cousins are so cool. A friend of mine growing up had double first cousins–her dad and his identical twin brother married sisters (though not twins). I was always jealous.

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