Playing Pool

So earlier this week I took my kids to the pool after taekwondo class to totally tire them out give them something fun to do for the evening, and I sat down on the little wooden bench to watch (because swimming is not really my thing).  So, technically I suppose that I’ve just confessed to watching my kids exercise in some form or another for about two and half hours straight, while the only exercise my little keester got was from the car to the bench.  Moving on….

Now the aquatic facility has two side by side pools, one competition and one leisure.  As sycnronized swimming was practicing in the competition pool, my girls stayed in the leisure pool.  And in the end, when Rainbow decided to try a little synchronized twirling of her own (can you be “synchronized” if you’re doing it alone?) my girls moved to the kiddie pool section of the leisure pool.

It was there that I noticed them… two older women, obviously out for a little exercise.  And by “a little”, I mean about as much as I was getting.  Only they sat in the kiddie pool, never swimming, just sitting and chatting together, for pretty much the entire time my kids played around them.  Which brings me to my questions:

— Why would someone who just wanted to chat go to the trouble of dressing for exercise to do so?

— Wouldn’t a nice coffee have done the same thing only without having to endure putting on swimwear, getting wet and eventually smelling like chlorine?

— Should I be putting more effort into making my sitting look more like exercising?  I mean… maybe they’re on to something….  kind of like dressing for the job you want to get…. dressing for the exercise you’d like to be doing.  Maybe that eventually gets you slim and trim by osmosis or something?  …And wouldn’t that be fabulous if it were possible?


1 Response to “Playing Pool”

  1. 1 Janet June 3, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    If you figure that one out, you’ll make a fortune.

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