A Weekend of Flying Feet


Well, as it turns out, a calculation error had the team originally qualified for the provincial gymnastics meet wrong, and Rainbow actually did make the team.  This meant that Saturday started with a 45 minute drive to a gymnastics tournament and a stressful morning of wondering if she would get to perform before we had to make the 45 minute drive back to make her green belt test in Taekwondo.  It turns out that a plea for an earlier performance made it possible, though we do not know her scores yet.  

I find this tournament particularly disheartening as those children who have only taken gymnastics for the last seven weeks in school (like Rainbow) are competing directly with those that train at the gymnastics academy all year.  Not exactly an even playing field.  I sort of wish there were two divisions or some sort of achievement system like martial arts belts where similarly skilled compete with similarly skilled.  Nonetheless, making it to that tournament was a huge accomplishment for her.

And we did make it back to Charlottetown for the girls to test for (and earn) their green belts in taekwondo.  Their first dark belt.  I marvel at how much they have learned in the last year and a half.


1 Response to “A Weekend of Flying Feet”

  1. 1 Janet February 25, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Seems like they would take the disparate training times into consideration. But good for her for participating! And congrats on those green belts.

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