Christmas is coming

When I was a little girl it used to surprise me how Christmas seemed to come so unexpected to my father.  I mean I was a kid, Christmas was huge and in-your-face and everywhere you looked, and still it seemed a surprise.

And then tonight Rainbow announced that Christmas is in 35 days.  Oh. My. Gosh.

It’s not like I didn’t know this was coming… since probably last Boxing day… but it always felt like I had tons of time.  35 days!!!  I get it now.  Sometimes life is just a blur of responsibilities to the extent that you forget to notice that Jingle Bells are playing and it’s time to deck the halls and start thinking about a holiday plan.  35 days!  Ack!

It’s making a list and checking it twice time.


2 Responses to “Christmas is coming”

  1. 1 Janet November 21, 2008 at 11:05 am

    I bought 10 presents in July from a potter friend of mine and got so complacent that I was so far ahead that at this point I’m just as far behind as I usually am. It doesn’t help that Thanksgiving is so late this year.

  2. 2 tpgoddess0103 November 21, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Yes, the late Thanksgiving does cut things short mentally. And gift buying is so not in my mind at all – however, DECORATING is! I’ve been mentally re-arranging my living room to figure out the best place for the tree since the piano is now in the original tree location. I’m also already looking at my outdoor decorating palette and shopping for new LED light displays. Yep – all set for decorating….but the tree will be bare of presents! 😉

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