I’ve been tagged

Remember how when you were a kid and were playing tag, and you were getting kind of tuckered out but you didn’t want to give up and lose, the best idea was probably to just keep running closer to home base where you were safe from being tagged?  Well, TPGoddess has tagged me to tell you seven things about myself that you don’t already know.  And while this would be difficult enough to come up with at the best of times, given the number of things I’ve probably mentioned over the past few years, since this is NaBloPoMo, I’m going take her up on that tag… one post/item at a time, and not necessarily in sequence.  Seven separate posts is not exactly how the meme is supposed to work, but let’s think of it as my little way of circling home base to extend the game a little longer.  (I also can’t think of seven at the moment).

Thing You Probably Don’t Know About Me #1:  This is not the first time in my life I’ve had red hair.  It is, however, the first time the red hair was an accident.  To try to rectify this, I have already tried to put a replacement colour on top of the boo-boo colour.  I think it only got redder. 



2 Responses to “I’ve been tagged”

  1. 1 tpgoddess0103 November 4, 2008 at 12:43 am

    🙂 My goal was to give an assist to my NaBloPoMo’ing friends and I think you are wise to stretch it out a bit. Oh, and can you take a picture of just how red it is? Perhaps from the back so you don’t have to show your face?

  2. 2 Janet November 4, 2008 at 10:27 am

    Now see? I hate to say I told you so, but . . .

    I will.

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