Last week the universe decided to take my request to start showing me positive work results and go pfffft in my face.  And I didn’t blog because I don’t particularly like to whine about life being pfffft.  But it was.  Oddly, I’m actually looking forward to it being Monday as it is sort of representative of a fresh start… a do-over.

So shaking off the gloominess that was last week, I have decided to begin my work week with a post, both to let you know I’m still around, and to say pffft right back to the universe.

Pffft.  So there. 

You really have to wonder why I keep failing job interviews when I’m so darned mature.  One of life’s little mysteries I guess.


1 Response to “Pffft”

  1. 1 Janet October 9, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Pffft is right. Hope this week is better, although the story of the orange marker does not bode well.
    As you may have surmised, I’m trying to catch up. I have sadly neglected all my bloggy buddies since we went on vacation and I cannot get caught up. Things like birthday parties and doctor’s appointments eat up my day. And just this morning I spent 2 hours on a new crockpot recipe. Crockpot recipes should not take 2 hours. They are about lots of ingredients thrown in a pot and ignored for several hours. This recipe required 4 things cooked in advanced. It had better be darned good, but even at that I’ll never make it again.

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