Catching up quickly

We are on the last full week of summer vacation this week. The girls head back to school on September 4th, easing into the new school year with a two day week.

This week they are in Taekwondo camp, so their days are full and they are getting loads of exercise. There is a rumour around the House of Sock that today they will do their first board breaks. I expect there will be many stories when I pick them up today.

I still have a bit of back to school shopping to do, most notably in the shoe department. Why do I always leave the shoes to the end when selection is less than optimal? It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. Yet every year it is the last to be done. Children cannot wear flip flops until the snow flies. Yet our avoidance continues.

In addition to the summer hum of activity with the kids, things have been so very hectic at work. My office has moved locations, and a co-worker was out sick for most of the summer, so my plate has been very full there. I continue to attempt to find other positions and also continue with my less than stellar success in that department. I will spare you a list of the positions I did not get, as the list would be far too long.

I am not sure whether my mood is related to fatigue, changing seasons, or the fact that September is looking at us in the face. I feel like I need a really big nap.


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