Another Marketing Idea

Now that we have established that I am so totally in the six degrees game thanks to Andrea, the commenter, being on Oprah’s Sandwich Showdown yesterday, I have to admit that Oprah is not my talk show of choice. I am a fan of Ellen Degeneres. It is my desire to one day get on Ellen’s show by doing some great humanitarian act or submitting a picture of myself & my pet with matching bad hair doos. Either one.

But until either one of those things happens, I am content to watch her show whenever Husband remembers to tape it for me. Which he actually does. Sometimes.

It would seem now that apparently my children also prefer Ellen (though I don’t know that they’d even know who Oprah was). Imagine my surprise to discover that a Barbie, with long flowing golden hair, had recently been turned into “The Ellen Degeneres Action Figure.” And I’m not even making that up.

Add a red cape and maybe some hair product to that baby, and I’m sure she wouldn’t look quite so scarey… although maybe scarey is a good look for an action figure.

So, my message to Ellen (not that she reads this) is that there may be a whole new product market here to go with the underwear and the pet food. Action figures. Maybe action figures that wear nice underwear and save the pets of the world. And if they can make a good sandwich all the better.


1 Response to “Another Marketing Idea”

  1. 1 Tanya May 13, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    When Aimee was a toddler, she used to memorize lines from “Finding Nemo” so that she could one day go on the Ellen Degeneres show. I hope Ellen finds this blog and makes your wish come true!

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