New Blog Neighbour

You know how when you have a new neighbour and you show up on their doorstep with something you’ve just baked and say “welcome to the neighborhood!”? Now I can’t say I’ve ever done that myself, but I have had it done to me, and let me tell you it was fabulous. Surprises which include tasty snacks are among my favorite.

But what if your neighbour could really cook? What if, for example, they knew how to make the most amazing sandwich on the planet or something? Would you feel like a dork for showing up on their doorstep with your tasty but humble baked goods? If they opened the door and out wafted the delectable aroma of a grilled cheese sandwich to die for, would you high tail your little butt out of there or would you say, “good thing I brought a fork!” (not that I eat sandwiches with a fork but it’s always good to be ready for dessert too).

Where am I going with this?

You may remember my little rant about Curtis Stone, the Take Home Chef. Now I got tons of hits on that particular post… being “Sock Girl” it was not uncommon that people were looking for “Curtis Stone footwear” (although admittedly some blog visitors were disappointed not to find “Curtis Stone naked” here too). Nonetheless, my real beef in that particular post about Curtis Stone was the “make sure you dress up” thing.

So yesterday I got a new comment on the Curtis Stone post that read:

I LOVED your entry about Top Chef! I used to think the same thing, until…

Now you can’t just leave a comment at “until…” Until what? I needed the rest of the story. So a little dashboard digging and I discovered that Andrea is this kind new visitor and a brand new blogger!

And Andrea is creating a cookbook, and she’s opening a restaurant, and (according to Oprah’s website) she’s going to be on Oprah tomorrow making a sandwich with Curtis Stone.

So, Andrea’s blog is new, and I think we should all click that link and go show a little collective blog love, welcome her to the neighborhood, and wish her luck tomorrow (although I’m guessing the show may have been taped already). Bringing tasty snacks is completely optional. (Feel free to send me your tasty snacks if you’re at all intimidated 🙂 )

And you know that Kevin Bacon has been on Oprah, right??? … I am so totally in the game now… if only I was an actor.

It is going to completely make my day if Andrea wins the challenge tomorrow. Good luck!


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