Farewell to another Hamster

Yesterday morning when I got up and went about the business of feeding and watering all the critters, I noticed that Dolittle’s hamster had finally gone to hamster heaven through the night. It was not unexpected. He was a very very old hamster — years and years old — probably defying hamster lifespan records the world over. And he had become blind and was sleeping a lot more in the months leading up to this.

Dolittle would like to have a funeral for CoCo.

So I found her a little gold chocolate box and she lined it with woodchips, carefully placed in a few of CoCo’s toys (which were actually chew sticks, but being blind I guess he thought they were toys and just played with them), and she went into the office because she wanted to write him a note and put it in the box with him.  Rainbow remained in the kitchen with me.

Rainbow:  Why is she doing this?  It’s a hamster.  Just throw him in the garbage and get a new one.
Me:  Well, CoCo has been her pet for a very long time, and sometimes a ceremony helps people feel better about their loss.
Rainbow:  So what is she doing now?
Me:  She’s writing him a note.
Rainbow:  Mommy… He’s dead.  He can’t read.  And even if he wasn’t, he’s a hamster.  It’s not like he’s the dog.


So apparently the dog can read? Perhaps the ancient hamster isn’t the only critter breaking records in our house.

Burial arrangements for the beloved hamster are pending.


3 Responses to “Farewell to another Hamster”

  1. 1 Janet March 27, 2008 at 10:08 am

    God bless CoCo. And God bless DoLittle and Rainbow and their Mama. i do find it interesting that Rainbow has put the dog on a higher pedestal than CoCo.
    Our time is coming – we have several cats and a dog that are very old.

  2. 2 ramblingmom March 27, 2008 at 11:44 am

    But — if CoCo is going to hamster heaven — perhaps he CAN read there? (I don’t know — I’ve never been to hamster heaven)

  3. 3 Christina March 27, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    Ah, the ever understanding sister! Please accept my condolences on your loss and I hope that the proper burial ceremony makes Doolittle feel better.

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