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Let Me Eat Cake

Today is my birthday.

The trouble with having your birthday on a weekend, is that there is far less fuss and fan-fare. You see fewer people, so there are fewer congratulations all around. The ones you receive are probably far more sincere, mind you, but there is a certain atmospheric festivity which is decreased by the Sunday celebration.

There was also no cake. It was one of those situations where each person presumed another would have done the cake, so no cake was done. There was dessert, mind you. Just not of the cake variety. I wish I had thought to suggest adding a candle to the strudel. That might worked. Because, if I’m being quite honest, I could use a birthday wish or two.

Not that I could likely blow out a candle per year kind of cake-top bonfire. I’m now of an age where the fire department ought to be on hand for that kind of celebration.


I don’t know which was in worse shape — me or my car

So yesterday was they day we planned to buy new tires. I would get dropped off at work and hubby would go do whatever gets done in a tire store. We dropped the kids off at school, and did a quick drive thru coffee grab before dropping me at work, and then the vehicle just died, right there on the Avenue, about 20 feet before the lights in front of my work. Lovely.

So I go in and call a tow truck.

Subsequent diagnosis: Battery, timing belt, and water pump, shot to heck. Lovely.

There are two things, in all of this, however, that keep me quite thankful….

First, it could have happened in the drive thru as I had just been there seconds before. Dear G*d the stress, if it had happened there, with no way forward or backward, just clogging up the lines anxious for their Tim’s caffeine fix would have just been too much.

Second, it could have happened AFTER I had bought tires, in which case there would have been no money to deal with the repairs.

So, to relieve my stinging wallet, I am trying to focus on the fact that things could have been worse.

I have also come to the realization, with the amount of walking I’ve done in the last 24 hours, that I am in really bad shape. My legs feel like noodles and I’ve been ready for a nap since… well… since the nap I actually had. How sad is that?

This evening

Went to a party tonight.
Atlantic Canada rocks.
More later.


With respect to your personal book collection…

… are them meant to be kept in pristine, like-new condition,

Dear Men Who Use Their Blackberries During Meetings

You may think you are being discrete… holding your little electronic toy just below the table for pretty much the entire meeting…

Your eyes are down, your hands are somewhere in your lap…

You may think it looks like you are concentrating on the speaker and you’ve got everybody fooled, but in actuality, people sitting across from you think you look like you’re preoccupied with something quite obscene. And people sitting beside you can see you’re being rude.

I just thought you should know.

Bedtime Conversation

The Girls: What does “how-would-it-be” mean?

Me: “How-would-it-be?” Use it for me in a sentence.

Girls: “Our Father, who art in heaven, ‘how-would-it-be’ thy name…”

Me: Ah. That’s not “how-would-it-be”. That’s “hallowed be.”

Girls: What does “hallowed” mean?

Me: Sacred.

Girls: What does “sacred” mean?

Me: Holy.

Girls: What does “holy” mean?

Me: Extra super duper special, like an angel.

Girls: Special like having your name in a rap song?… Yo, yo, yo…

Me: At least as special as that.


For clarification, my children don’t actually listen to rap music. It would not be unheard of, however, for Rainbow to pretend to be a character by the name of “Yo Yo Diggy Dog.”

Just a lovely afternoon

Today I got to do grown-up stuff…

I got treated to brunch by my BFF. We drank coffee and talked mostly about our kids.

Then we went shopping together. To buy stuff for our kids.

Then she stopped to buy ice cream for my kids on the way home.

But really, while it may sound to those without children that an afternoon so punctuated by children even if they are not present is not grown-up time at all, in all honesty I am talking about something really quite heavenly here… Being one’s self, in the company of someone who knowingly appreciates what your life is, having dialogue where years of support can leave sentences half finished with their full meaning conveyed, and did I mention there was coffee?

It was a lovely afternoon.

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