Creating a Christmas List

This morning Rainbow wanted to get her Christmas list ready. Sounded like the perfect little diversion… shouldn’t take too long….

This is apparently how one prepares a Christmas list.

Step One: Peruse the Sears Wish Book. Use any available sticky notes to mark desired items. Ask to have descriptions read to you of various interesting looking toys. Ask prices. Step one alone can take hours.

Step Two: Make a rough copy. Have Mommy write down each desired item as you go through the desired list. Include a variety of things so Santa has choices. By variety I mean you should apparently include 32 rubber ducks. Because Sears sells rubber ducks in 16 packs and they come in either yellow or colours, and you would probably want both. Who would market rubber ducks in packs of 16? How would I find my kid in the bathtub with 32 rubber ducks?… ok… I’m off topic… back to the list.

Step Three: Decide that Santa needs special paper for the finished list because we looooove him so. Dig out construction paper, sissors and tape. Make presents with the construction paper. Completely seal them to the page with tape. Draw Santa, an elf, a Christmas Tree, a reindeer and stars on the page.

Step Four: Write out the list in your own handwriting, while Mommy spells the words one by one. Argue about how certain words are spelled and spell them your own way. In between words suggest putting up the tree, ask how many days until Christmas, and offer suggestions such as having Mommy buy particularly desired items before Christmas to save Santa the trouble.

Step Five: Find Christmas stickers and pretty much fill the remaining space on the page.

Step Six: Write “Just Ideas” on the corner so Santa won’t think you’re greedy. Santa doesn’t like greedy.

Approximately six hours after starting, your list will be done.


3 Responses to “Creating a Christmas List”

  1. 1 Rambling Mom November 12, 2007 at 5:26 am

    Man I WISH I could be all ready for Christmas in 6 hours. And I only needed a catalogue, some paper, some tape, and a couple of pens.

  2. 2 Janet November 12, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    Thanks for the heads up. The Sears Wish Book will NOT be allowed in our house. Although we get about 472 different toy catalogues (all with the same toys – price differences of approximately 7 cents) so we may be in worse shape.
    I can get you a set of 4 rubber ducks (one large pink one – the mama I guess – and 3 small ones, yellow, blue, and I forget the other one) that LIGHT UP when they hit water. That may take her mind off the 32. Let me know and I’ll get Santa to send them along.

  3. 3 Alto2 November 14, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Since when does Santa channel Martha Stewart? Too much work, kid, here’s a lump of coal.

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