Tricks? or Treats?

This year was the first Halloween I can recall the girls getting “treats” from homes that were not what one might categorize as food or drink. Among the non-treat treats were:
– rubber skeleton hands (each girl getting a pair of hands)
– a rubber bat
– spider rings
– religious pamphlets
– and play doh (I actually liked this one).
Considering they went door to door for one hour (maximum), it seems surprising to me that five of the homes in that space of time chose to be somewhat non-traditional.

Now the girls are decidedly not among the kids that actually check out their loot as they are getting it, as neither child could tell you which house would have given them anything. Can you imagine what you could get rid of around the house if all kids were like mine? You could finally find a use for:
– discarded Happy Meal toys
– broken crayons
– and odd socks.

Of course, this would have the natural disadvantage of what to do with the left overs when one over plans for the number of trick or treaters. And, if were being perfectly honest, the leftover chocolate is one of my favorite parts of Halloween.


1 Response to “Tricks? or Treats?”

  1. 1 Rambling Mom November 2, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    I’m going to start collecting — every day when I clean off the kitchen table I’ll collect all the stuff that doesn’t belong there, and I’ll give it out for Halloween next year.

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